Insane human street statues (20 photos)

a street statues 34 Insane human street statues (20 photos)

  • Brandon

    Is #8 supposed to be L. Ron Hubbard bringing a new friend to his molestation boat?

    • Mr. Irony

      Now that is funny shit.!

  • big dog

    Seen a lot of this in Roma and Paris, if you drop a coin in their bucket they change positions, it was funny. some people didn’t know what to make of it. Very artistic.

  • Anonymous

    this may very well be one of my favorite collections

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  • Anonymous

    You know you have a rubbish job when not being shit on by a pigeon is considered a good day at work.

  • robby

    been to barcelona, in their main street there called Las Ramblas. and the street performers absolutely astounded me. i can see a few up here as well. nice.

  • papasmurf

    That would be hard to do if you were drunk.

  • ladyguitarstar

    the silver robot dude is in the french quarter in new orleans, ive seen him a couple times. He makes awesome hydraulic sounds with his mouth, has cool music playing, hes cool, does robot really well. i have vid of him. and the gold detective looking dude and the last guy are also in new orleans.

    • nbuffler

      they tend to be rather entertaining after a night out on bourbon st.

  • jemiol poland

    the first man is from Kraków, Poland 🙂
    near Mariacki Church 🙂 i know him ^^

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  • nightkraawler

    I have to admire their dedication to their craft…but what possesses a person to do something like this…I can understand the drunk guy statue, I could do that, but the others..theres not enough generous people out there to make it worth while.

  • Anonymous

    Ridiculous! real or unreal, something that says we probably have a spirit soul, and the best and most inspiring to confirm this, are the classical statues preferably human tendency to mysticism.

  • dt546

    the purple guy on the bike is in York England, i've never seen anything from my home town on the chive before, AWESOME

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