There are sexy Chivers among us (25 Photos)

chive sign lead There are sexy Chivers among us (25 Photos)

Thanks to all the hotties who sent their photos in to The Chive this week. If you’ve got what it takes (we’re not that picky) send photos to thechivesubmit [at] gmail [dot] com, and collect internet fame. Aweome Hint: If you’re holding a sign with some Chive love on it, you’re a shoe in.

  •, bryainiac

    i must say, although i am a man and love me some fat tits.
    there is something about the girl in the blue shirt with the blue eyes that can just mesmerize a man, somebody say no to this.

  • Dear No. 20 blonde chick

    I think we should fornicate, and no.7 has nice chesticles

  • HellHathNoFury

    I have stated quite a few times, for those of us who can indeed read, that I am no supermodel. I am also not a photographer, if you couldn’t tell. However. I could easily turn in much better pictures, not self-taken, not bathroom pics, of me in my element, say working on cars, at work, hiking, etc, but taking ‘youdummys’ advice, I am well ‘over myself’, having never been a Narcissistic attention whore anyways. When I become one, like many of the girls you see here, I’ll turn in better pics. I need no verification by hypocrites who would not dare put up their own faces for judgement to say that I am awesome, pretty, clever, etc. I cannot fathom why some people belive that I am here for the acceptance and entertainment of others.
    But hey, at least I did an awesome job of, in internet attention-whore character, looking like an inept mouth-breather in that one.

    • neilhimself

      “having never been a Narcissistic attention whore anyways” – could’ve fooled me honey

      “I’ll turn in better pics” – PLEASE GOD NO MORE. YOU ARE NOT HOT. PERIOD.

      • HellHathNoFury

        And yet, you keep coming back to respond to, and look at, my ‘not hot’ self. This is not the elementary playground.

        • Mr. Irony

          HHNF. I think most of us frequent Chive users think you are pretty cool shit, and while most of us are guys, we like to have a girl on the same page as us. So while you aren’t on here for acceptance, or to entertain us, I think I speak for most of us when I say, we are entertained by you. Keep Chiving HHNF.

    • Graz

      Turn in all the pics you want, HHNF. You’re an attractive woman. If others have such life to where they feel they must cut down someone on the interwebs, then let ’em…then ignore ’em. There seems to be plenty of people here that want to see your pics. Besides that, I’m not seeing the naysayers posting their pics of themselves or their lady. To them I say put up or shut up.

  • CMG

    thumbs up on what Mr. Irony & Graz said!

  • Fandango

    Been a use on the site for a while. This is my first comment. for what it’s worth, HHNF, you can’t please ’em all You’re a cool chick and i’ve enjoyed your comments and you’re cute. ya never pretended to be a model but you had the balls to send your photo in. maybe the haters would like to send in photos of their girlfriends, i’m sure their right hands are amazingly hot.

  • psara

    Fury, quit complaining about your body.

    • HellHathNoFury

      I’m not complaining. The only people that complain are people that don’t work hard enough for the body they want, save for handicaps and such. I’m just saying mine isn’t as great as others. That’s all there is to it, but mine has been fairly good to me so far.

  • lame

    Im sick of half the comments being filled with HHNF’s fanboys fourning over her and her pretending she doesnt want it or care even though shes enjoying it and feels the need to justify herself………..shes a chick. But im sure im gonna get flamed and recieve some ‘smart’ comments from her fanboys and a nice large justification from the lady herself. woopdidoo

    • jordan34

      i agree, pretty sad that these fanboys think she’s the hottest thing there is. i guess thats what happens when you just stay at home and use the computer all day, even losers like that fury girl seem hot. lawlz. get over yourself woman.

      • HellHathNoFury

        Aw, thanks for adding to the comments about me! I must be very important to you, since you’ve put so much thought into me!

        • BB

          Actually its more your fanboys and their clogging of the comments section with their motivational speeches which leads to your im not this and this im not trying to be this and this………….we get it. How old are we that we need to justify ourselves over the interwebs. And why do i read the comments? becos im a chiver and the chive is awesome so guys dont ruin it.

  • Zac

    i second the “lame” poster. Im not dissing hellhath, if she wants to send in photos thats cool wateva right (not sarcasm). but cmon guys we dont need all the im ok and ur ok and we’re all ok speeches………….

  • HellHathNoFury

    I’m about to copyright this novel.

    • Anonymous

      hellhathnofury is unreal hot

  • Anonymous

    yep, i’ll do ’em all. even the ones underage

  • thechobble

    hell hath no website

  • paul wall

    damn where are those AD Pi girls from b/c the ones at my school are busted

  • paul wall

    and HHNF I would not Fu** you with a koala’s dick. And why else would you submit your pic to the chive and then comment on it unless you are an attention whore and want some guys approval. Lets face it, I bet you are worn out like an old catchers mitt

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  • uriel

    The one with the blue eyes, white skin, blonde, blue dress, biting her nail…

    • Nagrom

      Couldn’t have put it better myself.

      Her, and the EPIC ass in the bikini with the circles on it.

  • Anonymous


  • Stephanie

    Thanks Chive, for making me the cover!
    Much love,
    ~ Stephanie

  • Always Last


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