Albino animals get picked on at school (21 photos)

a albino animals 20 Albino animals get picked on at school (21 photos)

  • big dog

    Alright, some of these are shopped, I’am not saying they don’t exist. The eyes of albino animals are red.I know about the gator and the squirrel, one of the lobster’s has passed on, the lobster was worth twenty thousand dollars

    • Peri

      Only the penguin and the Ape doesn't seem to have red eyes, neither looks photoshopped either as far as i can tell…. only the last picture is pretty fake looking.

      though i doubt not that whales and whatnot could be albinos too.

  • HellHathNoFury

    Albino squirrel is cool. I want an albino skunk and that raccoon is just awesome.

    • meh

      Hell, your comments are required on every feature. Thx

      • nathanforsixth

        For real, Hell is Editor In Chief of Who Fucking Cares magazine. does she live online? I can’t spend 5 minutes dicking around online without running into her hackneyed remarks somewhere.

        • HellHathNoFury

          I get paid to be online. Alot. Does that explain much?

          • Lumberjerk

            you’re my new exclusive02

          • mook

            I was watching your web cam porn shoot last night.
            Do what I say, I put the food on the table.

  • gozer

    Big Dog:
    They dont have to be shopped. There is a simular condition to ablinoism, that allows for some area( eyes, nose) to have pigment. I forget the name though.

    • Aphthakid

      Leucistic creatures don’t have pink eyes/nose while still having a white/lightly colored coat and skin.

  • natekarr

    let the white race prevail!!!!

  • Battleangel

    I hvae one of those frogs! it’s a dwarf clawed frog…

  • papasmurf

    I have a dwarf clawed penis……

  • bla

    is that ron perlman?

  • Anonymous

    lol, the gorilla’s got the “come hither” look on

  • yeah right

    hell hath doesn’t get paid shit. she prob. has no job and just lives on chive.

    • HellHathNoFury

      I’m a Boilermaker’s Brotherhood Union blueprints editor for PSNS, Bangor subbase and Whidbey Island. at $27 an hour I may be safe in saying that I put out more in taexs per paycheck that your gross pay.

      • Col

        Your crappy pay amuses me. And I’m actually productive, and doing something worthwhile for society. BAM.

        • HellHathNoFury

          Yes because assisting in the production of military implements is absolutely worthless. Hahaha!

    • mook

      Don’t you talk nasty to my dream whore.
      I got opinions and blog skillz, makes me dangerous.
      One post can change the world forever.

  • w3rw0lf

    Nature – as awesome as you

  • Ken

    Why are people ragging on fonts for being on the same board they are on?

    If reading the comments annoys you, then stick to the pictures. Posters have no control over who posts comments or what they say. Why give yourself a rash and fill up the board with negative shit when it does you no good and does the board no good?

    • mook

      You can’t control us cat man

  • Rawrbies

    I like the peacock and the turtle :3 I

  • screwutoo

    The first one is known as a "Crackadile" :*

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