• Alan

    Oh my Holy God

  • HellHathNoFury

    I must say that he sounds like a drunken hobo trying to get a hair out of his mouth.

    • wet crotch

      After reading your comment and then watching the video I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard all year. Pure gold!

      • wet crotch

        Oh AND I nearly lost it when he drooled.

  • aaron

    baby what you wanna say

  • Phil


  • Kioshiro

    when i saw this i was like : i cant be that bad …
    now that finished seen this im more like : well it CAN be THAT bad !!!

  • luca

    get the fuck out ! ahahahha

  • xululx

    highly retarded!!

  • Dean

    I was having a depressing ass monday then i saw this

  • just some dude

    omg….this is just sad. I almost feel sorry for him. haha (almost)


  • deadpool926

    sorry for the headset’s mic…

  • Wesley Smith

    That dude’s gonna be really embarrassed when he sobers up.

  • pimphole

    i had the illusion something wet coming out of my lcd screen.

  • Talavang

    a walrus ?

  • bathoris

    I usually never comment here but this is too much, it hurts to watch….haha

  • Anonymous

    was that coldplay?

  • markkens



  • bill

    what a fuckin retard

  • pakistani

    He can get an award for this crap… “Idiot of the Year”

  • pakistani

    He can get an award for this… “Idiot of the Year”

  • tacsneakyfast

    Get the man an ambulance, he’s having a seizure

  • Tina Sparkle

    I feel his pain.

  • somethings

    Usually it’s quite obvious that someone who posts a video like this is clinically retarded. This doesn’t seem to be the case here…he is either wasted or like a bunch of those “you-tubers” that post themselves singing because they have some twisted idea that they are good, and then get ridiculed until they realize (or hopefully realize) they need to STFU

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  • natekarr


  • Jeromebot

    spittle ftl

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