WTF?! (25 photos)

a wtf is wrong here 211 WTF?! (25 photos)

  • Rockstar

    darn.licking a shoe?disgusting man

  • HellHathNoFury

    Asteroid!! I always wondered what would happen if I didn’t keep shooting. Toothpaste man is my new hero. Do all raccoons do that? i thought mine were just crazy, washing everything they come across. That ice cream cake is the most hilarious twilight thing ever. Okay besides the owls.

    • mook

      Go knit me a pin stripe suit

    • dietroll

      STFU and go back to the kitchen.

  • Anonymous

    that tooth paste thing was epic. i’m surprised it’s not an commericial yet.

    • battery powered turkey gravy

      if there were to be an advert it should star Brian Blessed… He’s shouty and has the beard to match!

  • battery powered turkey gravy

    that human dog is just scary…

  • ladyguitarstar

    toothpaste man was so stuuupid! come on.

  • Nahhh

    That is Marilyn Manson painting, after the teddy bear. And i think it’s him after the inflatable Japanese dolls

  • IKEAsux

    fucking lulz

  • Anonymous

    okay, that cat table extension is the so stupid, it would never keep the cats away from the keyboards

    • FISH!

      You’re right. It would be great if it worked, but mine always heads right for the keyboard, even if she has comfy pillows right next to it.

      I think that cats are more after bing the center of attention than just looking for a place to lay down.

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  • mook

    I aprove of this message.

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