Animals boozin’ it up (23 photos)

a animals beer 3 Animals boozin it up (23 photos)

  • natekarr

    hahaha pretty cute. my dog loves beer.

  • jozef

    lol, only animals would drink american beers

    • psara

      Coors is hardly a representation of american beer.

  • big dog

    A crab drinking beer? the rest I seen, except the otter. But a crab?

    • Crabbieguy

      We Crabs have been known to drink all different kinds of booze.

  • big dog

    Thats Jim Beam the crab is drinking.

  • gozer

    I think the otter is from the Clyde and Seymore show, in Universal Studios.

  • Anonymous

    Did you know that when a crab gets drunk it walks forwards.

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  • Ken

    “Ummm, nice marmot, man.”

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