Get me the hell off this sketchball’s lap (20 Photos)

santa lap lead Get me the hell off this sketchballs lap (20 Photos)

Some genius decided to make a holiday website called Sketchy Santas. There are tons more hilarious photos over here.

  • IKEAsux

    Iranian Santa looks helpful

  • opulentlife

    this made my day

  • One Sick Puppy

    I just knew that when I read the title, there would be a black Santa in the bunch!

    They just had to do it….

  • hviv

    was that kanye claus?

  • Anonymous

    Not sure which one looks worse….Terrorist Santa #8 or Homeless Santa #9

  • HellHathNoFury

    Hey, kids, don’t ever, under any circumstances, apporoach or talk to strangers. Hey, there’s a guy that loves kids who only gets seasonal jobs and is wearing a disguise! Go sit on his lap and tell him all your deepest secrets. Or else.
    I have never made my daughter see a Santa, and parents who force their kids to do so need a good whack.

  • Anonymous

    Those are some ugly kids, seriously.

  • Matt

    some of the worst looking santas i’ve ever seen lol.

  • Mr. Irony

    That is some funny shit.

  • LOL

    Santa just isn’t all he’s cracked up to be…

  • ladyguitarstar

    my little girls pic with santa from last year is funny. She reminds me of dude from clockwork orange in it.

  • psara

    Most of these aren’t sketchy at all…

  • You're an Idiot

    #8 is wrong on so many levels.

    as is #13.

  • ErLei

    #10: Saxophone, speedo, shorts pulled down on his ankles. So many errors in one picture.

    But these are some of the best I’ve seen in a while.

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  • Ken

    #5 Never gets old. That Santa is so scary that the kids hysteria is totally appropriate.

    And the return of “Concentration Camp Santa” (9th down) makes me shake my head. That guy better be dead (or close to it)!

  • Mjolnir

    Some of these are godawful; I feel for the kids *and* for the guys in the suits and the fake beards, honestly (except for Andersonville Santa; I don’t get his deal). However, I happen to know a couple of the guys who do this with the real beards and all that, and a) they put up with a LOT from the parents who force their kids to see them (see pic #1; I wouldn’t want to be that guy), and the $ they make is impressive; if you look the part with the beard and the right belly and all that, you can pull in almost ten large for playing Jolly Old Saint Nick at the local malls.

    Not bad for having carpet apes pee on your lap and scream in your ear.

  • Alex

    Second from the bottom looks like Geingis Kahn (yes i spelled that wrong).

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  • Tobias

    The 4th Photo remains me to Jack Nicholson. 🙂

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  • BWR

    Ray Charles Santa rocks!

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