When douchebags unite, groupbagging (20 Photos)

goupbagging lead When douchebags unite, groupbagging (20 Photos)

  • opulentlife

    my whole office is rolling, even the douchebags

  • Oryleee

    lmao ‘groupbagging’ for the fucking win

  • Anonymous

    I swear (one of) the d-bag(s) in pick #8 is my ex! if not, it’s a real shame there is more than one of him!!!

  • Jordo

    which one? the one whos broke? hahahahahaha

  • Anonymous

    HAHA Jordo, the one with all the stupid beads and backwards hat on….

  • big dog

    They look like a bunch wanna be frat boys trying to be cool, and haven’t quite figured out how. Keep working on it boys and girls, it’ll come to ya.

  • Brandon

    Hah! I like how the picture of mopey hipster douchebags made it into the mix.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think #6 is a douchebag group; I think its just a bunch of fudge-packers….

  • Aaron

    Good call Brandon…hipsters are the worst.

  • Anonymous

    I like the wigger with the Harlem jersey and stretchy hat on (whatever the F they’re called)

    I also liked the douchebow in # 3 (Which flavor of douchebag do you want????)

    • Anonymous

      Oh and I forgot…. there’s the DBag with the huge biceps that give me nightmares….


  • One Sick Puppy

    hmmmm….most of these could qualify for group fagging as well…

  • Marshall

    i don’t agree with using fag…except for group fagging. that somehow seems appropriate

  • dddd

    She’s my little douche group, you dont know what I got.

  • Real Shady

    The one with the giant biceps (pic #10) is a fucking Brazilian who shames my country. I wish his die, no more no less.

  • HellHathNoFury

    When they’re British, is it called…..
    *wait for it*
    Okay, I’ll stop

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  • BigfnMike

    GANGBAGGIN’…. Dis douche life shit iz like a drug….

  • MissChris

    I wanna hit some of these guys w/ a hammer. It’s amazing when your photo alone makes people want to get violent with you.

  • Punchnuts

    Haha, bicep-boy only knows one way to do weights.

  • testington

    some don't seem very douchey, I think the difference is if the people are TRYING to look funny. True douche are the ones trying to look cool, sexy or badass (or any combination of the three) when it is clearly people being goofy I don't think they're douches.

  • Leigh

    I am sitting at my desk LAUGHING OUT LOUD!!! And wow, they thought they looked GOOD??? LOLOLOL, I'd RUN from them if i saw any of them in ANY club!!!! funny funny funny………..total douchebags

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