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  • Brandon

    The Renee Zellweger one is great. And the Bin Laden one is from CollegeHumor, you dirty, dirty thieves!

  • HellHathNoFury

    I knew it, Snow White!

  • pimphole

    haha. that MILF actually means Moro Islamic Liberation front.

  • Jessica

    That osama bin laden thing was from collegehumor.. great job chive for not noting that.

    • Mike Tyson

      If you don’t like it then piss offback to college humor

  • Twentyseven

    Sweet fuck, those dolls in the park would scare the piss out of me too.

    • Anonymous

      what would scare me more is what all the local wapanese would do to those things… **shivers**

  • BatteryPoweredTurkeyGravy

    High Five to Rob!!!

  • Kirby

    The dwarf on the far right (Grumpy?) looks like Wilford Brimley (diabeetus).

    Can’t unsee!

    • Mr. Irony

      Holy Shit you are right. That is awesome. Ever since Family Guy put him in an episode, I laugh everytime I see him on TV

      • blueberryvoodoo

        If you have Diabeetus, and are on Medicare, you may qualify for a free meter from Liberty Medical. You know there are still some people who don’t know that cost of their Diabeetus testing supplies may be covered by Medicare. Well if you have Diabeetus, and you’re on Medicare, your testing supplies may be covered.

  • Anonymous

    I am from Detroit, and that clip is great! The Lions do blow!!!!

  • lemmings

    Good job pointing out the College Humor stuff, guys. because I’m sure the chive really cares. If ya’ll haven’t noticed, College Humor uses tons of the Chive’s photos every week because they have what’s called a ‘partnership’ where they throw photos and traffic at each other all day. I read both sites so hold off on calling the internet police for now. They’re busy not existing

  • Jonathan Passow

    Pic # 3 isn’t playing with the hair….it’s Nazi Kittah!

    • http://billthewelder.wordpress.com billthewelder

      You know that registered a 0.00001 on the humor scale and put the entire west coast into a long term acoma.

  • Anonymous

    that spider/tractor is awsome

  • Anonymous

    After a a big night out Snow White woke up feeling Dopey…..and Happy…..and….oh you get the point.

    • Mike Tyson

      Sometimes I too wake up grumpy, but sometimes I just let her sleep.

  • frankifairy

    Spider tractor was freakishly disturbing, considering i’ve just finished watching transformers 2. I’m keeping an eye on the abandoned car in my garden tonight. You know…just in case >_> Foxes might steal it leading to the hit blockbusters…FOXES IN A CAR!

  • Equalizer

    Snow white is HOT

  • AshTheMohican

    Renee Zellweger is a bitch. Especially in Appaloosa.

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