Nothing beats a sexy geek (22 Photos)

geek hot new Nothing beats a sexy geek (22 Photos)

The ‘Twitter Girl’ is SF Weekly’s hot tech writer, Alexia Tsotsis. Here’s her idea of sexy geeks.

  • Anonymous

    i was gonna say why a post like THIS is on here
    then i realized that i was on the chive, not shechive

    • andwings

      The spock chick is the best, mainly because she is the only one cool enough to know that an iphone doesn’t make you cool.

  • orphans rule

    it’s really true if you think about it. i see hot chicks every day. they’re everywhere but a sexy geek is hard to come by

  • billthewelder

    yea that movie geek one is hiding allot of pear fat.

    • st.stephen

      the Movie Geek one is Ashlee Adams, Penthouse Pet and all around awesome chick, you douche canoe…

  • natekarr

    did you see the knockers on tinker-bell?

  • Jordo

    I call the last chick! she’s mine!!!

  • Brandon

    Gotta love some good ole fashioned troll gang-rape!

    • Mr. Irony

      I’m sure she deserved it.

  • geekcard

    Nothing says ‘attention whore’ like dressing up like Spock and then getting the Vulcan salute wrong.

  • krisb

    Is that really Jessica Alba smoking a bong or just a doppelganger?

  • Joeclyde

    Someting about the ears + Boobs = sexy

  • Anonymous

    so since when does wearing glasses make you a dork???

    • giggity

      uh, since always…

  • Anonymous

    All for the hot girl posts, but I think some hipsters infiltrated the page. Those bastards get in everything and they are hard to get out. I usually throw bleach at them but they think facial chemical burns are cool.

  • krisb

    Not all these girls can be classified as geeks. Glasses alone don’t make you a geek. Plus some girls are just wearing the retro shirts that all the cool celebs wear. Everything old is new again.

    • Mr. Irony

      Does that mean my mom is cool again because she is old?

      • krisb

        Moms are always cool.

      • MagicalPJ

        If she was born in the 70s, then yes.

        • Meow

          My mom is amazing, born in the 60’s – a little immature, but hey… better than a meenie

  • Jordo

    The star track chick at the end… yum, om,om,um… I would house that shit! Its not really the ears..its the boobs flats as fuck belly, and her face is easy to look at! IMHO.

  • Ken

    How is the bound and gagged woman surrounded by trolls a geek?

    “I seen me some strange shit in my day, but I never seen me a S & M Troll fetish.”

    • One Sick Puppy

      I’m more concerned with why a guy named Ken has a picture of a kitty for his avitar….

      • Ken

        sick puppy: that was my cat, “Dude.” He was a rescue and died of cancer in 2006. I chose the photo for my Avatar because I am proud of that shot.

        Don’t those goofy “default” Avatars they have on here aggravate you? I couldn’t stand them. Thanks to HHNF for instructing me how to get a more interesting Avatar on here.

        Although, it does seem like that those of us who have a personal or interesting Avatar seem to be subject for derision. Not sure why that would be. Maybe people are just trying to read way, way, WAY too much into the little Avatar photos. But hey, whatever chaps your ass.

        • anonomnom

          rescue fail

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  • Matt

    some of them are decent. others not.

  • aaron

    tinkerbell’s rack for the win.

  • gOOOOOU!

    iphone girl is hot, nintendo controller girl is hot, picachu mom is hot

  • gOOOOOU!

    correction: yellow iphone girl is hot…. first girl with looks like something is up her glutius maximus

  • psara

    Felicia Day is the sexiest geek ever.

    • psara

      AUGH or what about Emily Rosa? Dagnamit!

  • MikeR

    Twitter girl totally comes in a close second.

  • big dog

    The second one look like a real geek, and she look like she will break your back for sleeping on her side of the bed, my kind of woman. Tina Fey is sexy as hell.

  • Trevan

    My favorite is the Rose McGowan-looking woman with the Pikachu oven mitts.

    • forge

      I think that *is* Rose McGowan. She is after all a sexy geek.

  • Gonz

    haha I love spock chick, if she was with me on halloween we would have been vulcan lovers, it is of course the logical choice

  • fjoness

    And nothing says ‘geek’ like looking the salute rather than the girl.

    Unless you’re saying she should just take the whole thing off. Then I completely agree.

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