Nothing beats a sexy geek (22 Photos)

geek hot new Nothing beats a sexy geek (22 Photos)

The ‘Twitter Girl’ is SF Weekly’s hot tech writer, Alexia Tsotsis. Here’s her idea of sexy geeks.

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  • forge

    The Vulcan girl, is that Felicia Day (again) in Trekdrag? I mean, slim girl, pointy features (besides the ears duh), obviously hiding a cute overbite like Day’s… if it’s not her it’s someone who probably looks a lot like her out of that costume. Out of that costume, what have I said ::eyes glaze over::

  • Vicarious

    Hottest gallery ever

  • woopwoop

    Felicia Day wins so much.

  • KennybloodyG

    Is it just me or does every sexy geek that takes a picture in the mirror have an iphone? ( exception to the hottest damn Vulcan i ever did see)

  • geogat

    The girl in the first picture is Tori Black and she’s a pornstar.

  • Jim

    Storm Trooper with pink highlights?????? FAP FAP FAP…….

  • Clark

    of course everyone loves jess alba and all… me too..but when i saw that alba bong pic, for the first time…i fell in love with her…

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