Sexy coed makes me hate Facebook less (18 photos)

a sexy coed 5 Sexy coed makes me hate Facebook less (18 photos)

  • backboobs4ever2009

    the sun died on the shoulder of a being thereee

    • Citizen X

      Pic number 4……..SPLOOGE! She needs to be looking up at my big white cock!

  • Jordo

    What the fuck did you try and say? um… put the crack pipe down, and step away!!!

  • k

    Im pretty sure the same girl is in almost all those pictures

  • Sarah

    I think that’s the point of it “K” , it IS the same girl. lol.

  • ipo

    wow K, epic comment fail

  • Mr. Irony

    Is she even old enough to be legal? It’s girls like that that cause college guys to get in trouble.

  • Brandon

    Wow, K and backboobs4ever2009 have both sullied the good name of the Chive comment section.

    On a more positive note, she is cute and has a nice body (and is probably jailbait) but such an attention/cam whore.

    • Citizen X

      And you’re a Black cock whore

  • christiandeme

    Sorry, but she’s a 6.5-7 at best. There is nothing special about her.

  • Anonymous

    To Brandon: attention/cam whore? Really? Dude, you have a shot of your own mug instead of nothing like everyone else. Well, except for the very insightful and extremely important Hell Has No Fury…fucking hypocrites!

    • Anonymous

      Just …just delete this entire post. Chive, we’ll pretend it never happened.

      • Anonymous

        this shit was gay… 1. she’s not hot. 2. Skankish… what kind of girls do this? fuuuckkkk… come on LEO you can’t be promoting this BS… Girls are gonna think its cool to do this type of stuff.

        • sock puppet

          “this shit was gay… 1. she’s not hot.”

          I guess that tells us which way your door swings.

          • gOOOOOU!

            sock puppet: i think we all know what you use that sock puppet for…. jerking to 12 YO’s…. jerk-jerk-jerk-jerk-jerk

        • gOOOOOU!

          I agree… NO MORE YOUNGSTERS!!!! shit man this is America. Im not sure if this site is ran by Euro trash across the Atlantic but COME ON… We could lose our jobs over these teenbop pix

  • krisb

    After all these years, I still don’t get women. Look at my tits. Don’t look at my tits. I take pictures of my tits, but don’t let me catch you staring at my tits. Sad to say, my girlfriend is sometimes like that too.

    • HellHathNoFury

      Let me esplain. I’m a girl *I think* so I’m supposed to know how this reasoning works. Okay. Has money? Look at tits. Drives Maybach? Look at tits. Drives Ford Taurus? Don’t look at tits. Has douchebag attire and spray-tan? Look at tits. Has great sense of humor, gentleman but no monies? No look at tits. Acts like an idiot, treats you like shit, has monies? Look at tits. 40 yr old and not hot? Look at tits but only if 50 yr old+bank account=pimp.

      • mook

        stfu hellhathnofury, go learn to cook something and be usefull to society

        • krisb

          Stupid and funny at the same time!

        • HellHathNoFury

          I make a damn good venison and apple roast. No, you can’t have any because you’re rude.

      • Mr. Irony

        I always look at tits.

        • krisb

          Well, yeah.

        • mammajamma

          Titties are great.

    • mook

      Sometimes you have to just nod and agree with their bouncing tities.
      Why are you even listening to them say don’t look when they flaunt it.
      Don’t reason with them if there is no logic in their actions.

  • alan

    this broad is trash!!!! she has no tits or ass!! she has the body of a teenage girl! shes cute in the face but thats about it def not something to stop hating Facebook over.

  • mai

    shes got chronic miley cyrus pose.

    • mook

      Isn’t that the same as saying she is a teenager…

  • mg

    Ummm, Alan…..she is a teenage girl.

  • mook

    It is amazing that people are all excited about some 16 year old images on facebook.

    Does no one realize that there is billions of free porn pics online?

    • StudleyPendejos

      Ok so go look at porn mook and the the hell off TheChive

      • Anonymous


  • BigfnMike

    In a few years, me and the boys”ll be makin her air tight for your enjoyment

  • Tatts

    LOL I’m friends with Nadine on myspace

  • imdbsux

    they honestly look fake. for a young girl. man, i think those are not real?


  • Matt

    Shes hot


    fuck it, she’s hot

  • One Sick Puppy

    I dont care if she’s 16 or not. She’s hot as hell! I’d bang her!

  • markkens

    Pervbait duckface

    She needs a good spanking.

  • Pragagaga

    Wow, this is when Facebook stalking is taken to a whole other level…

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  • aaron

    Too young!!! Even if she is 18, she looks 15…no thank you.

    Somewhere pedobear is smiling. With a boner.

    • tiktok

      since when does he not do either??

  • jo

    Is her head a one sided surface.

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