Finally! TheCHIVE has an iphone app!

thechive iphone post leadin Finally! TheCHIVE has an iphone app!
That’s right party people, your favorite website -theCHIVE, now has a sweet new iPhone app so you can enjoy mindless photos anytime, anywhere (if you are cool enough to have an iPhone).
This is the first version and we need your feedback to make future versions better. It’s FREE so please download it and take it for a spin. Then come back to this post and leave your feedback. And please choose to be constructive in your criticism, rather than destructive. No one likes an ass.
Click HERE to download!

  • Frearthandox

    Hey downloaded the app a little while ago. Works great, runs smoothly and efficiently. I might suggest having the titles shortened so it’s visible on the phone in both portrait and landscape mode? (I think this Briti…en tampered with.. <landscape view, I think the…red with.. <portrait view) Maybe there's a way to label it one thing on the website and have some underlying code that has it read a smaller description for the iPhone app. That is all.

  • timishue

    Seems when I choose a gallery then choose a picture, then after viewing it, try to go back to the “latest” tab it just gets stuck on updating…

    but when i close the app then reopen it, it loads in a second or 2.

    Running iphone 3g JB 3.0 OS if that helps any.

  • Anonymous

    How about an app for us android users 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Needs to be able to download pics to ur iPhone/iPod touch

    • ebba hebba

      Any plans on an android app? It would be greatly appreciated.

  • Anonymous Coward

    Ability to choose how the images are displayed would be nice, it’s quite annoying to have to zoom out to see the whole picture (and the image won’t even stay that way unlike when zooming in) if the dimensions are not the same as the screen in iPhone.

    Also it was pain in the ass to wait for the images to load when browsing a specific gallery, the app doesn’t seem to have any kind of preloading mechanism?

  • Uncle Buck

    I like asses…big juicy asses.

  • Crabbieguy

    I wish I was cool enough for an IPhone.

  • Dude52

    I love the app, except (like timishue), it takes forever to load when you hit “latest” after viewing a gallery. Other than that, it’s great.

  • erik


  • Ed

    Got it when it came out, works good and easy to use. The only aspect that I think could use some work is when you view images fullscreen, and change images, it will only hold the next and last image in memory, so even if you view them in order and get to the last one, if you go back, you have to wait for them all to load again. If it could retain them in the phone memory, that’d be pretty good. Also if it could load all the images for a gallery at once. That way, while you view one, others could be loaded.

  • So

    You can get it for blackberry…please, yes

  • Dutchy

    Please make app available world wide or at least dutch app store (Netherlands!)

    Huge fan and iPhone owner, so…

  • Chiverrr

    App is awesome, great “reading” material when you got a few minutes! The only thing I would ask for is the ability to save pictures, there are several I see and want to send to friends…

    Thanks for the app.

  • Mr Loan

    Great blog at Thanks for great article about Iphone. I recently became an owner of Iphone and I love it a lot. I will bookmark your blog as well. Thanks for all the work.

  • bclark

    what about android? we're taking over!


    The app doesn't seem to be working anymore, but it's still being sold on iTunes. Its a sad sad day.

  • mongo

    Please PLEASE fix your iPhone app. It doesn't work.

  • doug

    y u no have android app?

  • A Space

    Why cant’t I find TheChive anywhere in the app store or iTunes and how do I get it

  • Sean

    Just got my new iphone. Went to the app store and the is no Chive. Went to your site to download and that didn’t work either. Just curious what the deal is.

  • JaredAwbrey

    Westmonroe la

  • Jared

    This fucking app wont download

  • !S!WCRTESTINPUT000000!E!


  • Xbox11

    Can't save the image..says "image save failure"

    • Chris

      On the iPhone, go to settings, privacy, photos…and turn "theChive" on.

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