• Orlando

    holy fucking shit. I’m sure some moms walked out on that one

    • Mr. Quackers

      No no no, I’m sure Billy Ray was proud of his little girl….

  • YOUngAnnikensucked

    Ok, kids hope in the car. it’s time for pole dancing classes

  • Phil

    ….?? Granted, I know this woman strickly by name so I guess that could be considered provacative for a tween audience but… that was pretty tame imo. She’s sexy tho I’d def like to see some more moves

  • Anonymous

    miley cyrus is the best role model ever!!!!

  • Nick4444

    Wow, she has absolutely no ass. Besides, those were clearly ropes. No need for worry.

  • BatteryPoweredTurkeyGravy

    ass or no ass i’m sure a lot of guys would like to plug it…lol

  • Leeeeeeroy Jenkins

    best title ever

  • big dog

    What is the fascination with this girl? She’s just a kid doing what kids do. What is she, 17?

  • Anonymous

    this is horrifying. and imho, miley cyrus simply will never be sexy. have you seen her face? its like all in the center of her big head. it freaks me out. this is just comical to watch, knowing how effed up she really looks…. O_o

  • robert ball

    So, little Miss Miley is really starting to tramp out now, huh? And to think I used to like her style! She sure did slide downhill pretty fast after turning 16. Who does she think she is, Paris Hilton?

  • Anonymous

    it’s really sad that she is a role modle for young girls, Phil said this is tame….not for a young girl, it’s teaching her how to be a hooker….I wouldn’t want my 9 year old looking up to someone like this….

  • Anonymous

    Britney Spears—-> Lindsey Lohan——> now Miley Cyrus

    Disney ruins ’em all

  • Anonymous

    true good hooker models SUCKS these days

  • Anonymous

    picking her wedgie was a classy touch

  • aaron

    creepy as hell.

  • Milly

    I guess I’m the only person who actually likes her here, oh well. Inappropriate for a children’s concert, obviously, but my sister who’s her age does worse. She’s just being a teen. :L

  • jordan

    …the problem isn’t just the dancing. it’s the fact that she’s like 16 years old, dancing like that in front of an audience of mainly young girls aged 8 – 14, wearing what looks like underwear. disgusting….what a “role model”

  • phil

    you can’t expect a 20-something to act how you want a role-model for 9 yr olds to act. That’s how you get pee-wee hermans. frankly, if you want them to have a role model find something fictional, or better yet teach them yourself

  • ALEX

    would hit without thought of consequence

  • Mandy-Pandy

    Phil, she’s 17. This is PATHETIC that this is standard for 17yr olds. Chica is a ho bag and needs to stay as far away from anyone under the age of 18 as possible. The only reason her parents let her act like this is b.c. she’s the one who brings home the bacon and lets them buy all kinds of shit. can you say Britney Spears. Have fun in rehab Miley!

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  • Anonymous

    this little girl needs to stop trying so hard.

  • Anonymous

    this is exactly like Britney spears did 10 years ago. Just wait, in 2014, she’ll be making out w/ some other teen idol chick on MTV and marry some K-fed wannabe, have 3 kids at 24, and her career will be in the trash.

  • Anonymous

    i’d do her woof woof style so i won’t see here face

  • laila

    well i think that outfit doesn’t sute to this event i know she is young and she looks great but she sometimes should wear long trousers or skirts. for her fans she is too sexy i think that are all little girls, most of theme

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