The CHIVE needs photos or we’re pushing this little … nevermind

chive homework lead The CHIVE needs photos or were pushing this little ... nevermind
Greetings Chivers,
We need photos and we have an idea. Most of you have tons of photos gathering dust on your hard drive. This weekend, open up those photo libraries and go find that one awesome photo you took last year; the one you sent to all your friends because it was just that hilarious. It’ll be good for you, a trip down memory lane. Then send us that one shining photo, whatever it is, to thechivesubmit [at] gmail [dot] com. Remember, The CHIVE is only as good as you make it.

The CHIVE Rules
-Leo and John

  • pofina

    on it


    it’s freezing outside anyway

  • HellHathNoFury

    you asked for it, so don’t get all pissy when i send you 8457 pics

  • sticks

    That’s a lot of pics HHNF. And if you’re going to ride your bike down a roller coaster don’t be a panzy and use training wheels >.<

    • psara

      Hey safety first

  • Crabbieguy

    Went all an awesome bomb run tonight hope the pics are sent to me so I can send them to you.

  • ALEX

    was i the only one that fell down laughing when i saw that photo? fuck that’s funny

    • cheap ugg

      I’m a pathetic spammer. My life is a dead end

  • bigbag2218

    hhnf is starting to get really fucking annoying just like xclusive02

    • Anonymous

      starting to? i’d like to chop her fingertips off, Save The Interweb!

      • Anonymous

        what did she do to you? its not like you have to read her comments. stop being such a troll

  • Anonymous

    she just seems like an annoying pain in the hole .. thats all

  • Jordo

    If you dont like HHNF, dont fuck’en comment then, you fuck’en whiney, cring, little bitches. Your the little snot crusted punk kid that no one liked. Just because were not all talking about you…your pissed. Well, if you werent fat, ugly, anoying, and have no friends, we WOULD be talking about you, but we are not so you should shut the fuck up. Or post up your pic then, lets see what ya got.

  • Anonymous

    she is an annoying fuck tho

    • One Sick Puppy

      …..says the Anonymous idiot without the balls to post his real name.

      • Anonymous

        im sure thatsyour real name dickhead

  • HellHathNoFury

    At least I have the balls to be myself. Sorry if you’re not good enough.

  • Anonymous

    fuck you idiot

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