There are sexy Chivers among us (18 Photos)

hot drinker chiver There are sexy Chivers among us (18 Photos)

Hey All,
Thanks to all the cute gals who submitted this week. If you’ve got what it takes, or even less than what it takes, send your photos to thechivesubmit [at] gmail [dot] com, and collect internet fame. If you’re holding a sign with some theCHIVE love on it, you’re a shoe-in (spelling ability not required).

Chive On!
-John n’ Leo


    I give the Croats credit for trying and failing miserably

    • Jawbone

      They are truly two ugly women.

  • Linny

    Croatia Hearts Chive


    • R

      I especially like the one that is obviously taken from fake more shit..


    I am not HHNF

  • Anon

    hi, five

  • JoeClyde

    Pic #10

    You could probably see me on a row boat.

  • krisb

    Not HHNF!? Hell Yeah! Or is she…………………..?

  • Uber Johnson

    def not her, hm, maybe? I’m sure we’ll know in 5…4….3….2

  • LiaMMV

    Killer cans on the croate.

  • aaron

    she is much hotter than HHNF

  • joeoby78

    The tat’d chick makes my sticker peck out!

    • Brandon

      I can not second that enough

  • Clickawut

    The freckles on the nose of #7 are dead sexy.

  • HellHathNoFury

    Of course you’re not HHNF. Obviously I have blonde hair. And why did you need to mention that you’re not me? There must be some kind of reasoning behind it. I would never send in body pics without my face, of my boobs, turning myself into a sex object.

    • HellHathNoFury

      And our bodies are nowhere near similar, so thank God.

      • ebba hebba

        HHNF: So thank God? You wish you had that body.

  • Andrew C.

    Um, I think it was meant as kind of a compliment HHNF. thats the way i saw it

  • Purely Dude

    yeah, from a guys perspective, it’s just a little playful – she’s sexy and mysterious and not showing her face and just recognizing some core users on the site imho. it’s not like she was saying anything bad. Leave it to women to miss the point.

  • HellHathNoFury

    Aside form bitching like a woman, some of those girls are seriously pretty! I must admit I’m kinda jealous of #3, 5 and the last chicks. Hawt. So…can I have your numbah? Can I haaave it?

  • Matt

    lol I can’t believe HHNF is so famous on the Chive. I’ve never seen her pics that everyone is so raving about but seriously, I think you guys gotta calm down about her.

    • HellHathNoFury

      Thank you!

    • Ken

      I wonder if many fonts on here could have a perfectly nice girl sitting right next to them but still end up wanking off over some airbrushed photo on their computer or TV screen. Nice to look fellas, but keep it real.

      HHNF now has a cyber-paparazzi. She’s the Lady-Di of Chive. I hope she doesn’t run away with some billionaire playboy sheik and end in a bad car wreck!

      • krisb

        Hey, most of us appreciate HHNF because she’s the only girl with the balls(or tits) to post her pic and hang with us stupid guys. Various pics may show she’s not the stereotypical “hottest” girl, but she seems fun. No disrespect. And no, I’m not wanking off, or lonely, or drooling over some online girl I don’t know. We’re all here for some fun, and to be complete assholes to one another right? So go to hell and I’ll see you there soon. By the way – RAMONES!

        • HellHathNoFury

          Thanks for being a gentleman! I’d buy us shots if you were here.

        • Chive girl

          I follow the Chive every day, but don’t feel the need to make obvious, stupid, or just obnoxious comments. AND I send in for sexy chivers….I guess I’ve always thought that girls with loud mouths are like boys with big trucks…..compensating. I usually go anonymous because all the guys I work with check this daily, too, and I love the feeling of knowing they’re checking me out without knowing it. BTW, I’m not in this post, but wanted to let you drooling and non-drooling boys know, there are girls with hot bodies, good senses of humor, and intelligence. Keep looking.

          Turned into a ramble. My apologies.

          • MadelineDeleon

            I second that! HHNF is the rule, and she acts like the exception. We’re not all supercilious knob jockeys for self-promotion

          • aaron

            I dont know how long some of you have been looking at the chive, but way back when, I was in a chive battle with my internet Arch Nemisis Xclusive02. Dont know him, he was captain obvious and comment on everypost and he has his picture as his avatar, one day I got so sick of this guy that we started a battle, keep in mind this was pre HHNF but when she came along she felt like joining in on this whole thing by telling us we were both stupid and immature. Which essentially ruined a lot of fun and one of the many simple pleasures of my day. In the aftermath I made a comment something like we are waiting for you to do the Sexy Chivers post and she replied with something like ” I am not that slutty, attention whored, blah blah blah I would never do that.” Come to find out she loves the attention on the chive and did take a photo for sexy chivers. Just thought I would interject this since there this is such a huge phenomenon. (the evidence of what I am talking about may be found in older sexy chivers and other posts from the golden age of the chive when there was still a weekend randomness)

            • max

              I second the last three posters,and totally miss the good old days. Is Xclusive02 still around? Oh and the 1st chick rocks my socks.

            • hhnf has a poo fetish

              aaron, admit it, your mouse gets all sticky for hhnf and the dude you had a gay ass battle with is your roommate.

  • kp

    lotsa great pics……… 🙂

  • sjors

    Need more tits

  • shockresistant

    mmmm shoulder licking is such a turn on. i mean seriously, if u can’t get yr boob or someone elses if your mouth don’t try….hehehehe

  • Anonymous

    duhhhh!!! HHNF ….it was meant to be a compliment in a fun way…..

  • pooper


  • slutlover

    Chive is a place? I want to go there.

  • aaron

    @HHNF has a poo fetish. Your mom is my roommate and the tissues she wipes her face off with are the only thing thats sticky.

  • hhnf has a poo fetish

    Seriously, you came back with “your mom”? That battle you had must have been epic with your wit.

    • aaron

      ya it was immature on purpose, since I was trying to match the brilliant deduction of your comment.

      • hhnf has a poo fetish

        Ah yes, the old “I know you are, but what am I?” That was a classic back when I was 12 too. Have you heard the one that goes “I’m rubber, you’re glue…”? Hang in there kid.

  • NorthernRanger

    I think I’m in love with the tattooed girl! *sigh, faints* lol

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