There are sexy Chivers among us (18 Photos)

hot drinker chiver There are sexy Chivers among us (18 Photos)

Hey All,
Thanks to all the cute gals who submitted this week. If you’ve got what it takes, or even less than what it takes, send your photos to thechivesubmit [at] gmail [dot] com, and collect internet fame. If you’re holding a sign with some theCHIVE love on it, you’re a shoe-in (spelling ability not required).

Chive On!
-John n’ Leo

  • Jordo

    #4 and #7 are SMOKE’EN hot!!!!!! And I think this is the attraction with HHNF……..

    1) She IS cute. Cant take that away.
    2) She IS very funny. And has a great sence of humor.
    3) She also seems like she would be fun to hang with. Not your tyipical bitch droma w/her
    4) when she does take heat from others…she holds her own and dosent act like a baby
    5) She has the balls to put her self out there…..YOU DONT!
    6) Most important, (IMO) is she has a balance of cute chick, with fun to be with. THIS IS EXTREAMLY HARD TO FIND IN A CHICK.

    • jesus

      get a hold of yourself

      • Anonymous

        Jesus made me LOL

  • One Sick Puppy

    I think the “not HHNF” chick is obviously jealous. Hmmm….I wonder why she didn’t put her face in the picture. Obviously she has some other issues as well….

  • paul wall

    HHNF is a dumb skank… first off shes fugly and looks like she fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. God must have had some extra crap left over and thought what the hell an I gonna do with this….tada it’s HHNF. If any of you think shes hot you are rather some ugly dumb looser or just blind. now piss off I’m tired of hearing about this broad..HHNF why dont you just change your name

    • Anonymous

      dude you cracked me up when you said you wouldn’t fuck her with a koala’s dick

    • HellHathNoFury

      Coming from a British/English guy who emulates Paul Wall, the inventor of the ‘gansta blingin grill’ and all-around devoid of class white trash, I’ll take your disapproval as a compliment. I would not like attract solicitors of cheap prostitutes and welfare checks.

      • Michael Palin

        What does him being British/English have to do with it you attention-hound?

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  • choze

    #12 with the 2 chicks facing the water!!! Holy shiznit!!!! im in love!!

  • Scott


  • acs10

    this was on the side of theChive and said only 18 photos, knew it had to be early on in theChive's life. kinda cool. wonder what the original sexy chivers was…

  • Always Last


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