But daaahdy, I want to pet a Tiger Shark too (13 photos)

a pet tiger shark 5 But daaahdy, I want to pet a Tiger Shark too (13 photos)

  • Anonymous

    crazy guy


    crazy guy

  • Ho Ho Hoe

    crazy guy

  • One Sick Puppy

    crazy guy

  • Soapyballs

    crazy guy

  • Anonymous

    yeah, crazy guy

  • Jonathan Passow

    crazy guy

  • alan


  • Anonymous

    “that…is the most metal thing…i have ever seen”

  • Jordo

    crazy guy!

  • confused

    crazy and idiototic guy

  • dd

    crazy shark

  • C


  • BillyBlaze

    Not to be a total science nerd or anything but isn’t it cool for Great Whites and Tiger Sharks to be feeding in the same place? My fellow elasmobranchologists know what I’m talkin about

  • HellHathNoFury

    Crazy guy has bare feets…holy craps what if he slips?
    What is the reasoning behind a tiger shark? ‘Sharks aren’t horrible enough…hm what else is horrible? Oooh, tigers! Let’s get a tiger and a shark really drunk and…’
    thanks, God.

    • Nick4444

      I’m sure they are. But what about shark tigers? Those guys live on land. The guy who made that was a crazy guy.

  • Shark Nut

    Not to be a total science nerd or anything but THEY’RE BLOODY PITBULL SHARKS! My fellow elasmobranchologists know what I’m talkin about

    • sock puppet

      You don’t come off as a science nerd because you’re wrong. I see a couple of shots of a Great White and several of Tiger Sharks. They’re markings make them pretty easy to spot by even a layman.

  • robert ball

    Nobody, NOBODY in their right mind is gonna get that close to a FEEDING predator! It won’t matter to the shark whether he’s nomming down on whale or human, it’s ll food!

  • Anthony

    I wonder if he rides zebras as lions are munching down.

  • backboobs4ever2009

    crazy guy

  • toupoutsou

    i don’t know what is more awesome, that he’s standing on a dead whale or that he’s petting a shark bigger than him?

  • WTF

    Is he standing on a dead whale?

    • jamen

      finally someone said it! and there is only one picture which remotely looks like a great white. this guy is standing on a dead whale(aka fish food), bare foot, petting frenzied sharks. tiger sharks, none the less, which have the highest rate of attacks on humans, far out numbering any sharks combined. not to mention, tiger sharks are only named for the way they looked. theyre practically the garbage disposals of the sea.

  • kp

    Darwin Award!

  • haha

    Except for the whole standing on a dead humpback whale thing, that would be fucking cool.

  • El Supimpa


  • dlq

    hes probably a so called hunter who shot the whale
    hope he slips and gets his ass nommed

    • eric

      yes because hes a hunter who hunts whales and shoots them with a glock and they die instantly

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