But daaahdy, I want to pet a Tiger Shark too (13 photos)

a pet tiger shark 5 But daaahdy, I want to pet a Tiger Shark too (13 photos)

  • Maddie

    it would be awesome..if they had laser beams attached to there heads!

  • DV


    Isn’t there a Darwin Award for this?

  • J. Chop


  • propellephant

    are they sitting on a dead whale?

    • yourmother

      i second the “are they sitting on a dead whale?” question

      ..and just so y’all know, tiger sharks don’t hurt people. I scuba dive and I have swam with tiger sharks, nurse sharks and gray reef sharks… no bites

      …so the point i’m making is that guy’s not really doing anything that “crazy” or dangerous… Pictures of sharks are cool, though.

  • Ken

    I can see wanting to watch that, but I don’t know why he feels compelled to pet the sharks, but whatever. I wonder what killed the whale?

  • blahblah

    is he riding on a whale corpse?

  • carley

    …he’s standing on a dead whale. That is most definitely the craziest part of these photos.

  • Mu$£

    it must stink like fuck.

  • sabrina99

    I watched this show, on Discovery or Nat Geo, I think. The guy said the dead Whale stunk sooo bad. By the time the frenzy was over, the sharks were all engorged and there was hardly anything left of the whale. Tiger sharks don’t hurt people?? I’m never going to test that theory. Yikes!

  • damn

    Is he playing slip and die? white sharks…not cool, tiger sharks…not cool, both of them + slipery surface + feeding frenzy… you do the math…

  • meh

    Some people are just too fucking stupid to live.

  • drunk

    What the hell is on the center left side of picture 9!?!?!?!?

  • http://moore-photography.com/pictures-of-pet-sharks Pictures of pet sharks

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  • McAnonymous

    I think the wierdest thing about it all is that he's floating on a whale corpse on which the sharks are feeding!! Gotta get one of those!

  • lauren

    fuck that yo

  • Mig

    Noone noticed that the cameraman is sitting on the whale too? lol and yeah u can call me Cpt Obv

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