Daily Afternoon Randomness (35 Photos)

chive random up Daily Afternoon Randomness (35 Photos)

  • confused

    okay picture number 34 is weird

  • confused

    also dude in 7 looks like a douche

  • HellHathNoFury

    Bring me Solo and a cookie.

    • mook

      Got yur cookie right here

  • Anonymous

    the more I lose faith in humanity the more i come to the chive. the more i come to the chive the more I lose faith in humanity.

  • BigfnMike

    Rubik’s cube… That’s just too damn gangsta

    • HellHathNoFury

      I really thought the air-soft guns were OG style

  • markkens

    Somehow roofies are involved in pic 34

  • Becca

    I make the chive! hell yes

  • Megarath

    Whoa, that tree is TOTALLY givin’ it to that other tree. Don’t get any sap on ya!

  • mook

    Boonowa tweepi, ha ha…

  • Lance

    Yep, that’s a pigeon. Nope, that’s not how you spell pigeon…

  • Wills1215

    The 3 fags with Santa bug me, I want to rip out one of their femurs, sharpen it then stab them in the heart with it. Merry Christmas.

  • Jake

    sharpening femurs is funny, how about a new one?

  • Liquid E

    The guy holding the “I love lap dances” sign looks like Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs LOL. Im sure that would be a dirty job if he went there and cleaned up after them.

  • shockresistant

    I’m sure men are like banks as well. something something deposit something something. I’ve lost interest already an cannae be bothered to finish. oh well

    • Mike Tyson

      I agree with this statement, but don’t let me catch the motherfucking writer in the street or i’m going to bust his jaw for him.

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  • Anonymous

    Oh, that little boy is so cute!

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