He calls himself ‘Billy Truelove’ and he’s a legend in his own mind (24 Photos)

billy truelove lead He calls himself Billy Truelove and hes a legend in his own mind (24 Photos)

Billy here even had ‘Billy Truelove’ tattooed on his arm. He lives in Kansas City where we hear chronic same-pose disorder is hereditary.

Photo credit @ J. Emile Photography
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  • gOOOOOU!

    He has terrible posture. He will never be more than a peasant.

    • Peven Pandersn

      Dam you can all comment behind your “Gravators”, lets see picks of what you do when you go out on the town…..oh that’s right it doesn’t even take a I pedometer to check the “miles of life you walk”. only thing ya’ll risk is Psa….. something tells me he might be able to help you with that….

  • Anonymous


  • Lady Shamisen

    Why does he remind me so much of the gay dude from Two and a Half Men? Not that I watch that toss.

  • Ken

    He’s just trying to be funny. But I’d guess he won’t be showing those to his kids in the future.

  • Anonymous

    what a fuckin homo

  • tina

    what a fuckin homo

  • Anomaly

    What more need someone say, he is a retarded douchebag, well, that’s redundance.

  • Leonardo

    He should be shot with a ball of his own shite.

    (BTW yeahsure, it’s the other way around;-))

  • JoeClyde

    Yup. Still annoying

  • blu

    who is this hipster?

  • Shizz

    Super mega used douche.

  • you know

    yeah Ive met this cock rag before……he looks like a muppet with a fohawk…..I think he tried to break dance and fell on his face…..which is why hes probly holding his pud sucker cheeks all the time

  • beef

    i met this dude once….his wife is hot, I think she is a catholic priest because she obviously likes little boy cock….the way the pics look…… it’s something they have in common….

  • beef

    What’s real funny is that his middle name is “Cockdown”….therefore his name is Willie “Cockdown” Truelove….

  • you know

    willy “dick cheeks” truelove….the ventriloquist dummy…….he onced wished on a star to become a real douche…….who says wishes dont come true…..buy the magical movie soundtrack today! with such famous lines as…..”ive got no strings to choke down cock, to goon on peen, I suck and slop!” ….God I hope this fag reads this blog someday….

  • billy

    god you guys! thanks for giving me so much press! I looove cock and I really want you to come kill me! I need to be taken out….my appetite for penis is taking over my motor functions. Please come kill me…..I hate myself

  • Anonymous

    Hahahaha someone just sent this to me. I actually had the misfortune of working with this toolbelt, and just so you know, HE IS NOT FROM KC. He is from one of the Virginias (can’t remember which one), so PLEASE don’t blame his extraordinarily high douchebag factor on the fact he’s from the midwest. We didn’t start the problem, we were just unfortunate enough to inherit the problem. Oh, and I smell cabbage, is there a circus midget around here? Oh, wait, nevermind.

  • Mr. Derp

    The best picture is the one with the guy standing next to him wearing a purple shirt, sport jacket, and jeans with a dead serious Zoolander blue-steel look on his face, while Billy Tool-Love is doing his worst Kevin McCallister impression. I’m not sure which of the two I hate more. Don’t even know ’em, but I know I would want to introduce my elbow to their face within five minutes of meeting them.

  • Meat Wagon

    Instead of posing like one, why doesn’t he just get a tattoo that says “Butt-Pirate” on his forehead? That would be a lot easier.

  • Tatonka

    me hate ’em stupid white man…..I ride many moons to tomahawk billy running pantswater in head…..His scalp will be used as my doo doo paper

  • parrislove

    i don’t understand sign language of the douchebag species.

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    […] He calls himself ‘Billy Truelove’ and he’s a legend in his own mind (24 Photos) […]

  • Judge.

    His photos should be posted on The Berry, or The Fairy.

  • Dave

    usually I just laugh at douchebags but I for some reason I hate this guy.

  • canucknucle head

    please don't do this again, chive..it hurts….it really, really hurts…….really

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