He calls himself ‘Billy Truelove’ and he’s a legend in his own mind (24 Photos)

billy truelove lead He calls himself Billy Truelove and hes a legend in his own mind (24 Photos)

Billy here even had ‘Billy Truelove’ tattooed on his arm. He lives in Kansas City where we hear chronic same-pose disorder is hereditary.

Photo credit @ J. Emile Photography
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  • Joe_JambuL

    I guess this guy has serious acute hearing or ear problems. It hurts so much that he has to cover his ear all the time…. LOL

  • Pimpthug

    I would punch that dude in the face and then piss on it. What a fucking loser!

  • Alan

    what a butt knuckle

  • Nick

    What a terrible representation of my city. I kind of want to jump off a bridge because I have mutual "friends" on facebook…

  • Always Last


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