Plumber’s acetylene bottle leaks… big ‘splosion (10 Photos)

car explodes lead Plumbers acetylene bottle leaks... big splosion (10 Photos)

One of the funniest blogs out there is Ernie’s House of Whoopass (EHOWA). He found this gem today. Apparently a plumber had a faulty acetylene bottle in his van. It ignited and blew the cul-de-sac all to hell.

  • confused

    how did that happen

    also first

  • griffin

    this must have been, really, really loud

    also second

  • confused

    i wonder who will have to pay for all that damage

    also second person you just earned yourself one of the college humor’s internet badges

    • Anonymous

      my thoughts exactly…….will they sue the tank manuacturer or the fuckin plumber? hmmm!

  • HellHathNoFury

    That is my paranoia, big time. I work with oxy-acetylene tanks once a week or so, in small enclosures. I’m still not past flinching every time i strike up a torch nearby.

  • Jordo

    Wow that plummer will be getting a drug test…my guess….FAIL!

    • spell check

      Learn to spell.

  • C


  • confused

    i think its time to find a more sercure version of the acetylene bottling

  • austRALIA

    i hate laughing at these things and then realising its in australia.

    but then its ok again coz its in Melbourne

    • chif

      Nice one Dumbass

  • Mr. Irony

    We had a house blow up in the little town I grew up in in Wisconsin. Killed one guy, blew manhole covers off the roads for 5 blocks around the house.

    • confused

      wow that must have been some explosion Mr. Irony

  • Mong

    This happened in Melbourne, Australia. It happened at the plumbers house, from memory they went to open it in the morning with the remote control lock, and the oxy acetylene gas had been leaking overnight and you can see what happened. The two dudes who were opening it didnt get injured though.

  • Jeff

    Leaking valve is possible, but more likely someone didn’t turn the valve off the night before.

  • yeahsure

    I work with oxy-acetylene everyday of the week,i dont worry too much about it seeing as if they do go it will be an quick death and ill never see it coming.Great shit for blowing up coke cans though!

  • snarkotron

    wish there was video…

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  • plumber

    I use acetylene every day and it's really dangerous stuff. I've seen some guys get mutilated from it.

  • Mike Holper

    This one is horrid. I heard that it could have been avoided if the plumber had been more careful.
    plumbers perth western australia

  • Randall O Kim

    I don't think it's that funny at all. I mean if a plumber rockingham would cause that much inconvenience to our place, I would definitely be angry. Maybe the funny part of it is how it was too unintentional, closely to stupidity.

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