Emma Watson just overtook the Olson twins in my book (13 photos)

a emma watson hot 6 Emma Watson just overtook the Olson twins in my book (13 photos)

  • top dog

    We have a problem with letting people grow up. For some reason, some people can’t seem to do that, let her grow-up I mean.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000856050565 George Danger Cruz

      I dont see anyone stopping that. also, she is pretty, not hot. which is good. what gets my goat is that accent though. rrrawr.

  • Jordo

    Why did she take over the twins spot? Did your standards just drop? Alot?

    • umxyeahh


    • yourmother

      I was gonna say she “just overtook” the Olsen twins? The Olsens haven’t been hot since they were like 14… And now their talentless socialite wastes of life.

      Emma Watson is more of an actual actress. And she has ALWAYS been hotter than the Olsens.

    • yourmother

      …I don’t think you know what the word “standards” means.


      • spook01

        so… am I the one who has to point out that 'yourmother' ^ is a pedophile?

  • Capn

    So apparently Chive is edited by a creepy pedo. I mean, she’s cute but give her some god damn space, can’t we let one child star grow up normal?

    • yourmother

      > can’t we let one child star grow up normal

      er… i don’t think “we” have the opportunity to affect whether or not she grows up normal

    • forge

      She’s twenty, Hommes; she’s a grownup. Or nearly.

    • Hier-Arch

      No, no we can't, for this is the internet.

  • Bobby Drake

    Dude…why are all of the pics from the same day? Emma has lots of great looking pictures out there.

  • kristen

    Meh I wouldn’t hit it.

    • yourmother

      then you must not have a penis

    • Anonymous

      I need her in my room tonight

  • alano

    she is trash!!! who ever thinks this broad is hot has no taste whatsoever!!! this chick is fucking gar-bage!!!

    • HellHathNoFury

      *psst* Your, um, bitterness is showing. Right…there…nope, there too. How embarassing.

    • Sarah

      There’s nothing trashy about her. She’s a young, cute girl.

    • Anonymous

      i agree, this girl is crazy arrogant

    • yourmother

      > this chick is garbage

      Everybody point and laugh at insecure virgin! LOL!

  • Vicious Delicious


  • aaron

    is that the harry potter kid?

    • dude

      as if you dont know

  • papasmurf

    I bet ole Ron done plowed dat

  • Caleb

    Cute girl. Horrible photoshoot. There are better pictures out there.

  • Anonymous

    alano has no taste, emma is hot as hell

  • alanoisadouchebag

    emma is hot as hell

  • dropkickthekat

    Emma is not trash. On the floor, in the basket, last photo, thats trash.

  • Dave is a chick

    Ummm…why did the Olsen twins even have a spot? They look like creepy little fashion challenged trolls. Emma is extremely pretty and talented.

  • YesYes

    Bet her shitbox is tight.

    • oooooohohohohooooo!!!

      that shit is grooosssssss HahAHahA shes cute

  • Ken

    She was pretty when young and stayed pretty as she grew. Nice turn of fortune there. But the real question is how will she avoid getting screwed up by all the attention. Many succumb. Some work their way through it (Drew Barrymore), others don't (from Judy Garland to Lindsey Lohan).

    • ichioni


  • Anonymous

    She has turned out quite cute but I just can’t get over the annoying way she talks in the Potter films. (I’m English and her ‘accent’ annoys the hell out of me so I can’t begin to know how annoying it is to Americans)

    • forge

      Isn’t the accent intended to sound stilted, like she’s trying to be more upperclass than she is, which would be the case for the “real” Hermione?

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000856050565 George Danger Cruz

      cute chick+english accent= Boing oing oing.

  • elly

    Bad pictures, try some from the London premiere of the Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince for example, they’re much better.

    Ken – it’s been about 10 years since she started in showbiz and she still seems to be normal, and since she’s an adult now I don’t think she’s likely to change for worse 🙂

    • Deepak

      Elly i need your relationship..
      please message me..bye…

  • da beast

    i could happily lick her muff till my tongue rots off……..

  • stephen

    Really hope she has a sex tape somewhere which will be stolen/lost and will find its way to the interwebs!!!

  • Rob

    Emma’s cute enough, but that is one fugly dress. Lots better pics of her out there.

  • forge

    Emma is lovely and classy and has acting ability and will stay lovely and classy well into her 50s or 60s **just like most British women.** The Olsen twins have *never* been *any* of those things and never will. What a massively ignorant comparison.

    • The real D. Nozzle

      yeah, everyone knows british women are hot and classy. here's a poll:

  • Waido Ukere

    She's cute, but still looks like a child, IMO the Olsen twins are waaaaaaay hotter.

  • John

    Emma is very pretty, but her smile seems so fake and forced…. Is she really that miserable? takes away that "spark" pretty girls have when they know they are pretty. 😛

  • Nefertitiz


    And not a single fuck was given this day.

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