I guess it’s time to start creepin’ Twitter (22 Photos)

twitter hot girls1 I guess its time to start creepin Twitter (22 Photos)

Thanks to the great Cave Man Circus for puttin’ this bad boy together. Plenty more even naughtier photos here.

  • griffin

    excuse me, i need a few minutes

  • bros before candy

    yeah, dushku

  • B.E.R.

    Very nice. I love the downward shots of the girls at the beach.

    • confused

      there is beach in some of these pictures???

  • BillyBlaze

    When are people gonna realise that Tila Tequilla is not hot.

    • Steve

      Thank you! She is the EPITOME of all that is unholy and that should be killed with fire.

    • JDMar

      she makes me wish we could re-bomb vietnam

  • aaron

    so much hotter than the facebook girls

  • loomragwoodtwin

    the one with the pizza is katy perry

  • 'Ku

    looks like I finally made the chive. thanks boyz


    • top dog

      Well which one are ya? tell us so we can drool over ya!


    Yeah, Im calling first after Dushku

  • jozef

    you cant go wrong with eliza

  • Jordo

    Who is the last one?

  • http://www.facebook.com/adrian.spillman Adrian X


  • HellHathNoFury

    Katy FTW
    But uh, the first *Demi Lovato* and Selena Gomez are minors. Let’s go mining!

    • P-90

      Hey HHNF I’ve been posting on Chive for a while now and have decided to finally sign in and it seems that to be accepted everone needs to chat you up at least once even if it’s just a joke so here goes, this is my favourite chat up line.
      ‘Hey, do you want to go halves on a bastard?’

      • HellHathNoFury

        haha*snort* Um, thanks, but most people hate me. welcome to Thechive, ignore me when you can, love!

  • some random guy

    tila is not hot with make up. tila WITHOUT make up is even worst.

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  • 4chanfavors

    @ ‘Ku, sorry Dollhouse got cancelled. really liked that show

  • pooper

    so you guys are telling me you wouldn’t screw tila? You guys must be gay as hell.. i would 12 times.

    • The real D. Nozzle

      but 13 is one too many.

  • bigdaddy

    I love when people mark themselves up and misspell it.

  • aaron

    tila tequila is awful.

  • Gold

    Last one is Adrianne Curry. She is married to Christopher Knight (Peter Brady – Brady Bunch).

  • LOL

    #18…bronze goddess in the blue & yellow check bikini…oh my god. I’m not bi-curious but that woman…holy balls she could make me trade teams for a few hours. Wow.

  • Anonymous

    Ooooooh me likey.

  • Chalisss

    Is that Demi Moore up there? WTF is she eating, she looks fantastic!

    • Anonymous

      raw food diet, makes you look “supernaturally beautiful.” you can live to be over 100; anything cooked just over 100 degrees loses it’s enzymes, and your body uses those to break food down as well as other important processes, so what you end up doing is spending twice as much in output with your body as you should, so you age faster and look all gross. by living on cooked food (most of which is unhealthy anyway), we’ve stunted our development as a species. with raw, you actually have a chance to use to food as fuel and hence glow fucking gorgeous like demi
      i’ve considered it, but cooked salty greasy foods: “i don’t know how to quit you”

      • Quasimofo

        Also plastic surgery.

  • Quasimofo

    The blond on the beach with sunglasses on her head is Alexa Vega from the Spy Kids movies. So you are all going to hell now.

  • Tom Belair


  • dude

    there’s a lot of good here

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