• oranges

    the little car is a great touch

  • HellHathNoFury

    That tree is no doubt heavier than that car! You think there would be towing issues. The house is cool, though.

    • Anonymous

      shut up

      • HellHathNoFury

        I wasn’t talking.

        • Anonymous

          thank god

  • monkeyfork

    A little full, alot of sap!!

  • Phil

    so… we’re to believe they chopped a hole in the floor and roof to fit the tree? yeaaaa….

  • top dog

    Now thats just stupid. Why not just put thing in the front yard.

  • confused

    either this a really good photoshop job or these people are idiots

  • Jordo tha gangbanger

    Go jump off a cliff

  • Anonymous

    Xmass douchebags

  • yeahsure

    that last photo is simply not possible,its hard enough to manouver a wardrobe or bed through doors,let alone a tree the height of the house!

  • O_o

    Or perhaps, just maybe, they cut the tree into sections and put a different section on each part. I’d hope someone out there would be smart enough to realize that.

  • Anonymous

    Oh my God a frickin’ G-Whiz, what kind of absolute muppet drives a G-Whiz.

  • Insert Name Here

    How did the get that tree in there?

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