Congrats, Chivers, you bombed everything (45 Photos)

photo bomb clothes Congrats, Chivers, you bombed everything (45 Photos)

Thanks to all the Chivers who have been sending in their photos to the CHIVE. We’re quickly becoming the YouTube of photos over here and ya’ll have delivered. Send everything you got to thechivesubmit [at] gmail [dot] com. Remember, the CHIVE is only as good as YOU make it!

Chive On!
-John n’ Leo

  • Mark

    Cory is damn hot!!!!

  • cheetah woods

    Im sure thats xclusive02 in #27, I agree with ya above, cory IS damn hot

    • aaron

      holy hell your right, its thechives long lost king douchebag himself. That is a Fail and a WIN togethere. I wonder what his new tag is maybe today is the day he comes out of hiding!

      • xclusive02

        Still around I guess. I just have no comments to post anymore.

        • cheetah woods

          good to see your boyfriend too…..

          • aaron

            your the one that noticed him, had kind of a thing for him huh, at least your not totally gay you thought that cory was “damn hot”. Thats a WIN for you. It is refreshing to here from xclusive too, how have you been man?

            • xclusive02

              aaron. Your girl is hot. good work on that. I still stop by, just don’t feel like commenting anymore. Website has kind of lost it’s luster with that. It’s just a bunch of people trying to put their dick in HHNF, or people calling others douchebags and fags, gets old after a few posts. I do enjoy the website ruminations, it’s a good time there, and only funny stuff gets posted.

  • aaron

    cory is my girlfriend.

    • HellHathNoFury

      Daaaamn, mang you have a hot girlfriend! Lucky.

      • miss0chris0

        I gotta agree with HHNF – that’s a sexy ass. I kinda wanna smack it….

        • Me Likey

          So, um, Aaron. Any chance of seeing some more Cory photos on the Chive any time soon?
          Here’s hoping!

  • mess1ah1

    ^ No, she isn’t.

    • aaron

      she definetely is and I definetely sent that in. I even signed it aaron, I wanted it to go on sexy chiver but I got an email today saying there is even a bomb in it ill copy and past it for all you chodes.

      The Chive to me show details 1:29 PM (1 hour ago)

      haha and it’s a photobomb as well. yeah, keep ’em coming Aaron. well done

      – Hide quoted text –

      On Sun, Dec 13, 2009 at 9:53 PM, Aaron Archambault wrote:

      my girlfriend, I have more if you like.

      • aaron touches little boys

        When you say “girlfriend” you really mean little sister, right? She looks 12. A very skanky 12. Perv.

        Seriously, who does this? Why don’t you just post a comment that says “my little sister Cory is a whore and you can see I accidentally wrote on her just moments before this picture was taken when I tried to molest her. She ran into the locker room where I was able to snap this picture before the coach chased me out. Also, I like boys. Little boys.”

        • HellHathNoFury

          *psst* Your jealousy is showing…right might want to cover that up.

          • aaron touches little boys

            psst your desperate cries for attention are showing.

            • aaron

              i must say I am a little ashamed at the way I reacted to her being on here, as far as the this is my hot gf check her out im the man thing. I went a little overboard for that I apologize but you sir are out of your mind if you think that she is not hot and 12 years old. I expected a couple haters, hate on or take a picture of your girlfriend or even of your friend and I wont think your a jealous hermit.

            • cheetah woods

              aaron touches little boys = win
              hhnf shut the fuck up

            • sock puppet

              “hhnf shut the fuck up”

              Hey, Loser, how often has that worked for you? You’re such a girl that I have no doubt Fury could whip your little pansy ass.

            • aaron touches little boys

              It’s all good aaron. My apologies. I mean it’s obvious your slutty sister is at least 14.

            • aaron

              your story is fucking heinous, only a guy that watches pedophillic incest porn would think about such things. You obviously took the time to try and verify her age based on her ass, missing the fact that she has a tattoo which in my state you are required to be 18. Take your filthy pervert stories, your fake user tag, and your pathetic existence away from thechive you are truely not funny, or cool for saying fukt up perverted shit on chive talkin.

          • aaron touches little boys

            Well now you’re just being mean. Are you mad at me?

            • aaron

              no im disgusted with you.

  • alano

    what the fuck is up with the girl’s face in pic #8? YOWZA!!!! someone needs Proactive!!

  • Berry

    I never get an email from the chive when i submit. my photos suck 😦

    • aaron

      you will berry you will.

  • Cory Andrews


    • aaron

      ^^^ not cory

  • getbig

    with an a$$ like that you better make the chive

  • Anonymous

    #26…..nom nom nom

  • krisb

    OK! I saw hipsters, douches, creepy old men, weird Asians, teenage girls and Cory! My day is complete.
    P.S. Aaron, is Cory gonna kick your ass now?
    P.P.S. Aaron, you lucky S.O.B. Showin’ off aren’t ya?

    • aaron

      i let her know, then she picked out another one that I sent in.

  • krisb

    And a baby bomb!

  • aaron(not the girlfriend one but the first one)

    sweet monkey bomb.

  • aaron(not the girlfriend one but the first one)

    p.s. other aarons girl is hot……..but its wal-mart hot.

    • aaron

      ill take the wal-mart hot, what does it mean (the first one) I have been aaron on the chive for a long time, and I remember seeing you around september post as aaron, if thats the same one but anyway yea im pretty sure ive been aaron for awhile

      • Anonymous

        totally is. nice ass but trashy hair speaks volumes. dollar menu trim, congrats

  • mess1ah1

    ^ Wal-Mart hot. Nice. Hehe.

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  • Cory

    OMFG aaron im going to kill you! why would you steal my picture from my room! Thats grose i mean ur my brother!

  • Shadow Sterks

    What is your point in life 8 year old douche? Douchebag people around? Ya thats it. Now go play WoW and leave the socially adept people to they’re conversation.

  • McBeastie

    Am I the only one who thinks the whole photobomb thing is played out and unfunny? And does the monkey pic even qualify?

    • Heisanidiot

      Nope. Still hilarious over 3 years later.

  • Anonynom nom nom


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  • yup

    ^you are

  • McBeastie

    Well I guess I was wrong. Let me re-evaluate those photos. Oh, I get it. Look at those guys in the back of the photos all just hangin out and makin faces. Whoo. That’s so funny I just shit my pants. Whoopidee doo.

  • your dick

    Lol The little Asian guy pointing is like ” AHHHHH IS GODZILLA!!! (if its already been posted sorry i don’t read the comments.

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