“I heard scratching and thought someone was in my trunk!!” (7 photos)

a posum inside car 0 I heard scratching and thought someone was in my trunk!! (7 photos)

  • HI


    • Crabbieguy

      You should jump off the nearest cliff and do us all a favor.

      • HI

        Only if we can hold hands

      • Insert Name Here

        Can I join?

    • Guest

      Congratulations! You are our grand prize winner! Post your cell phone number within 30 minutes and you could win a Chive St. Paddy's t-shirt! *Do not have to purchase anything to win*

  • CMG


  • Vicious Delicious

    No, none of you were my first. Sorry, I’m a slut

    • sporklord

      That comment made my day.

  • kp

    Who REALLY cares who’s first, second, or last?!?…..Plain juvenile and idiotic……..

  • robin yates

    where is the Chive going ?,,,, seems to me most posters are teens with nothing to comment on apart from if they are first,,,,,,,,,,,,,very sad

  • TK


  • HellHathNoFury

    Must…have…Audi quat
    That poor possum!

  • papasmurf

    Damn I was wondering what happened to my pet queef , maybe she lookin for some strange. Bad thing is dey dont get much stranger than me ..HEE-HEE

  • top dog

    A opossum in the trunk, is that the same as a banana in the tail pipe?

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