Oh shit moments! (20 photos)

a oh shit moments2 5 Oh shit moments! (20 photos)

  • Anonymous

    lol, hippo on head

  • Itallo Antonny

    Hello, always accompany your blog. I live in Brazil, and would like to have a blog like yours. A version of Thechive in potugues. I await your response. Sincerely your fan.

    Itallo Antonny!

    • Anonymous


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  • Ken

    That wave! 30 feet maybe? I hope that is a big ship or else it is gonna get pitch-polled.

    There have been stories of 90-100 foot waves but scientists long doubted sailor’s stories. They’re existence has now been confirmed. Can you imagine being in a ship with a 100 foot wall of water coming at you?

    • Anonymous

      that’s an image still from the perfect storm, i believe

  • sporklord

    Those gulls must be some kind of demon. I’d freak out if I saw one with red eyes like that.

  • Matty

    OH SHIT!!

  • aaron

    hope that dog made it…….

    • angel

      yup me 2 hope the same

  • Aaron

    I have been to the place where the guy is jumping off the building(the black and white one)

    I didnt jump out but some “monkey” man jumped out of the 2nd story(its hard to get to the 3rd) and the water was really really low

  • HellHathNoFury

    Make another Hungry Hungry Hippo joke. I dare you.
    A rule of thumb to never outweigh the piece of machinery supporting your body.

  • miss0chris0

    That last pic – Buzz, yourr girlfriend… woof!

  • will04

    Hmmm.. any ideas about no 2??

  • SirEpic

    This is not oh shit,this is WTF!

  • angel

    i just wonder of the bike

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