• Anonymous


  • J

    I’d hit th… oh.

  • GQ

    First guy is gay…second is genius^.

  • YAH!

    Michelle Obama 15 years ago?

    • Anonymous

      I sincerely hope you are joking…..

      • kelvin


  • top dog

    DAMN!!!!! She is fine as fuck!! She should do more modeling. I would love to see what that camel toe looks like, MOVE YOUR HANDS!!!!!!!

    • kelvin

      are u at home

      • kelvin

        WHO IS THIS

  • Anonymous

    Mmmmm. Let Papa have some of that!

  • top dog

    I just noticed something, Is photo #10 shopped? no matter, she is still fine as hell!!!. HUNGRY!!!!!!

  • JoeClyde

    Here I thought Chive didn’t like the Brown Suga

  • aaron

    sweet jeebus.

  • HellHathNoFury

    Waw. Look at those eyes. And that skin. And, and…i’m so damn jealous.

  • harish

    i like it , hai plz post ur recently photos. its very sweet pics

  • miss0chris0

    I think she looks so much more beautiful with the longer hair… dang she’s a stunner. Not fair

  • Me

    Hasn’t everyone already seen her naked. And I just can’t get passed the hair. It would be like f***ing an emo wanna be guy-girl.

  • Anonymous

    hella sexii33

  • jhnwrl

    …for all her beauty, she is still far from being the prettiest girl in Barbados and the wider West Indies (from Trinidad)

    • Jawbone

      None of which you can get.

  • Jawbone

    Hot, and can take a punch like Rocky!

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