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Behind the scenes with Marissa Miller at VSFS (6 photos)

a marissa miller secret 5 Behind the scenes with Marissa Miller at VSFS (6 photos)

  • JK

    She needs to eat a sandwich.

    • Hoody

      …Made out of my penis.

  • some random guy

    holy abs

  • Joe Clyde

    I think she knows they are taking a picture of her.

  • Anonymous

    Can I have her for Christmas, Santa?

  • Darrika

    Ugh dis bitch nasty as hell! Her greasy ass sunbrunt face and body! Can’t you post one of the ~classy angels like Doutzen?? Or Maryna Linchuk or Abbey Lee???

    • Anonymous

      Man you’re an idiot and you gramma sho shows it! You mus like dem fat ass fugly bitches, you can have all dem you want foo! Mo hot ones fo me dawg!

      • Anonymous

        Oh neva mine, you a girl dats jus jealous dat you doan luk like her

  • s3xt0y

    shes ugly.

    • oh4fuckssake

      You're ugly.

  • YesYes

    ^^ Agreed. That bitch ain’t hot at all. Fuckin’ fugly face. Too skinny. Hate skinny ass broads. When they bend over in front of you all that is looking up is a hole in her back where she shits from. Like a girl with some ass so I can’t see her shit hole.

    • God

      TMI, bro. I agree that she could put on a little weight, but an ass that shakes like jello when you slap it is way worse than what Marisa Miller has.

  • me!

    thats sienna miller you fool…which begs the question. what was jude law thinking?

  • flat

    are you kidding me? she’s definitely hot !!! love those slight abs…she fuckin tight…

  • Kelly

    Umm seriously?? Eat something, lady! This is so disgusting. She had no ass at all. How can any guy think this is hot??

    • Kelly

      oops! didn’t mean to post that twice! lol I thought the first one didnt go through…

  • Kelly

    Ummm, seriously?? Eat something, lady! This is so disgusting! She has no ass at all. How can any guy think this is hot?

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  • Penguin

    dipshit, that’s Marissa Miller.
    She’s a VS model.
    And she’s gorgeous.
    Quit hating.

  • aaaa

    she should not wear any thing especially those bras

  • com

    her butts r awesome.

  • !S!WCRTESTINPUT000000!E!


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