Chicks are crazy all over the world. (22 photos)

a crazy girls c 121 Chicks are crazy all over the world. (22 photos)

  • HellHathNoFury

    Yeah, I guess if you never stop eating, you’d consequently never stop pooping.
    Men, always listen to what momma says. Little girls are the devil! all women are evil. some just hide it better with good looks.

  • B.E.R.

    “Enjoy Cock”? Looks like “she” probably still has one of her own…

    • Edwin the mohel

      Hello Brandon, errrrr… Eric, errrrr….. BER.

      Padding your own stats, eh?

    • modianos

      cock is short for cockeyed. look again :/

  • Vicious

    I love the Battle Royale one. Epic

    • Anonymous

      Battle Royale FTW!

  • Anonymous

    Pac Man bukakke in the last photo??

  • Battleangel

    the chicks with the masks at the beach are burn victims

  • billyblaze81

    That chick might have the longest ho tag in the world. And yes its still a ho tag even if its a bible verse

  • MissChris

    Good post Chive! ALL those pictures were pretty crazy to me! But honestly, I want that “pooping” shirt – how do you not laugh when you see it??

    • One Sick Puppy

      You know what I think…..You should send your pic to the chive for a “sexy chives among us” post!

      • HellHathNoFury

        I concur. This is ‘Mericuh. We vote. You lose. send pics in now!

    • krisb

      Yes, you’re cute. Look out HHNF.

    • Shadow Sterks

      oh I laugh alright. But i couldnt help but to gag just looking at the girl wearing it and imagining it.

  • Clickawut

    ^ Agreed

  • Shae

    I looooove the Battle Royale cosplay so much!

  • Skip

    The sad news is I married all of them…

  • bob

    The one with the girl lighting a cigarette on a burning window is a still from 2005 film, “Romance and Cigarettes”. That’s Kate Winslet.

    • blueberryvoodoo

      is. good movie, saint christopher walken singing tom jones is best part

  • krisb

    Girls ARE crazy. I love Kate Winslet.

  • YesYes

    To the ho tag lady – “Think maybe next time you could get the sports’ section?”

  • LOL

    Laced up jeans pic…jeans are fuckin’ stupid…but that girl has a pretty nice ass…for what it’s worth. If I had one, she’d make my sticker peck out. 🙂

    And yes…women are crazy all round the world…but it’s not like you guys are a case study in normalcy either. 😉

  • Crittoure

    Pic 12 is actually a man. He’s a famous DJ in Japan, DJ Sisen I think…

  • Charles the mohel

    Well put, Edwin. Very insightful.

  • ECR the mohel

    Excellent observation, Edwin. Your comments are always quite interesting.

  • Shadow Sterks

    I would still jump a couple of them. Like pic 9 the one receiving the golden shower, I would tear that ass.

  • bill

    LOL When i first saw the title i thought it said CHINKS are crazy.

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