Daily Afternoon Randomness (20 Photos)

dude ice no Daily Afternoon Randomness (20 Photos)

  • kp

    Great pic of largest snow-woman!!

  • addy j

    HHNF…..you look so sad in the last pic

    • Anonymous

      your tits look better, though you may wanna start waxing

    • HellHathNoFury

      Sad? I love my little pink shorts! I’m happiest when running around the neighborhood wearing just those shorts while carrying a tempermental raccoon. We sing together. My closed-minded neighbors don’t appreciate our love of natural music, and sadly the police don’t either.

  • SouthernBell

    Loved the tornainbow lol.
    i honestly think i would’ve shit myself if
    i saw something like that. =D

  • Shadow Sterks

    Tornainbow is good. It just looks like a big gay rapist hahaha. But what takes the cake is those clowns hahaha the cop is all in wtf mode, plus that guy who shot santa and the rein deers, what a way to fuck up christmas for kids thats all i have to say hahaha (yes i did show it to my little cousins)

  • top dog

    Sum b–ch shot Santee klause and his deers? It’s Christmas time fool. STRING EM UP!!!

  • vitorla

    The desert pic is awesome. I’ve done that before in LandCruisers in Africa. So badass.

  • P-90

    Pic 5-The evolution of man.

  • HellHathNoFury

    They only ‘except’ people with proper spelling a grammar? Is that a Rolls Batmobile?

    • Amber

      Actually I believe it was “speling and grammer.” I sincerely hope it was a joke O_O

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  • dontueyes

    i wonder how many of those air yeezys are real?

  • Motis

    The tornado is awesome being a trucker I've been in alot of storms but what's the scariest is night when you can't see whats coming at you!!

  • Andrea

    Grammar is not spelled eith an 'e'. Also, "lol" isn't in the dictionary.

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