Daily morning randomness (25 photos)

a random funny ff 17 Daily morning randomness (25 photos)

  • LOL

    Last 2 are awesome…anyone bitching because they’re from another site…fuck you…I don’t go to that site…I come here. 😛

    Good gallery Leo…thanks. 😉

    • Mike Tyson

      I don’t like the colourful language but I will let you off because I can feel the sentiment. Keep a lid on the guttermouth in future otherwise you might find youself being bundled into a motherfucking bag.

      • LOL

        Promises promises…:P

  • Mike Tyson

    Listen up people, lets keep this comment section in ship shape. No racist or undignified comments in future otherwise I will find you and unleash my guns.

    My fists will rain down upon you like a thunderstorm.

    Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

    • HellHathNoFury

      Yeah, he’ll bite your damn ears off.

    • meh

      fu nigger

      • HellHathNoFury

        Racist! You know how offensive it is to Asians when people go around saying, ‘fu’ like that?!

  • Vicious Delicious

    Mother fXcking goddamn hypocritical chicken eating b!tch@$$ porch monky!

    • Mike Tyson

      This is exactly the kind of talk that costs lives. Don’t you know I’m from the god damned streets? My spelling has improved ten-fold since then but i’m still just as mean.

      If I didn’t have to keep a clean sheet cause of my EA Fight Night Round 4 sponsorship, i’d be at your motherfucking porch with a bag of fucking pool balls.

      • Anonymous

        You’r act is really not funny or even slightly amusing. Why don’t you give it up, and give the rest of us a break, shithead.

        • Xac

          You’re wrong. It is freaking hilarious. Sorry.

          • Anonymous

            Yeah, you’re right. I can’t seem to get off of the floor ’cause I’m laughing so hard.

      • Roxy

        I think so too…Go Mr Tyson

  • Ken

    Lighten up, Francis.

    Kewl whale pic, if real.

  • miss0chris0

    I want to swim with a big ass whale now

    • cheetah woods

      i’ll swin with you FREE WILLY style

      • Roxy

        Take a leaf out of Mr Tysons book and improve your spelling thrice otherwise you will continue to come across like a bit of a dick.

  • shockresistant

    someone needs to call chuck. he’ll sort the argument out…lol

  • HellHathNoFury

    That bed is so…awesome!!

  • vitorla

    Is that Andrey Arshavin grabbing nuts? Kinda looks like him.

  • Some Guy

    Hilary Fisher FTW.

  • kp

    Definitely would slurp those two mixed drinks!! 🙂

  • C

    I have that computer desk

    • dontueyes

      you’d better be a black kid.

  • Dingo

    that is the coolest whale ever

  • P-90

    Dat is one big fuchin hawse!

  • Wills1215

    Oh Fuck Mike Tyson is here. Hahaha Tell you what, you worry about keeping peoples ears out of your mouth, and everyone else will worry about a real man. Chuck Norris. Hahahaha

  • bruce

    bruce lee iz infinitely betr than chuck

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