Nothing says Merry Christmas like a mail order bride (15 Photos)

mail order christmas Nothing says Merry Christmas like a mail order bride (15 Photos)

This is cracking me up. This site is literally gift wrapping their women for the holidays, just add to cart. And since Russians have very little taste, some of the photos are pretty funny; I think one chick is hugging a Christmas tree. Anyway, Ho Ho Ho…

  • WW Weird

    i gotta be honest save for a couple, i would totally have intercourse with these girls


    excuse me, I have to make a purchase

  • Shadow Sterks

    Mastercard limit upped. Check. Aight lets do this!

  • Big Bob

    I think I’ll wait for the after Christmas “buy one, get one free” promotion…

  • Yo

    Would fuck the one with ribbon around her tits….just wanted you all to know that.



  • s3xt0y

    buy em, then when they get over to america, fuck em til you get bored then put em on the street to make your money back, its a win win.

  • Joe

    Fail for 3 of them.. the rest are bangin

  • YesYes

    Some of these broads a little too fat and man’ish. I wonder if you get to sample before you buy?

  • robin yates

    they all look gorgeous,,,,,,,no fatties here I’m glad to say,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • P-90

    The girl blowing a kiss and the girl below her in the blue bikini are actually quite nice looking.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll take a number 2 please.

  • Dave

    Adding a (short) paragraph of text and ripping off a series of photos from another site counts as a story? Lame…

    • Big Bob

      Maybe you’re new here Dave but the Chive is a photo blog. If you’re looking for lengthy articles or stories, you’re on the wrong site.

  • top dog

    I guess russian men are to drunk to notice their women, bring em here, I’ll give them all the attention they can handle…..and then some.

  • Ashley Rice

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