Search for anti-douchebags is on. These guys partied with a baby (15 Photos)

anti douchbags lead Search for anti douchebags is on. These guys partied with a baby (15 Photos)

Yesterday we posted this group of guys and they were a breath of fresh air. The CHIVE is looking for anti-douches, guys and gals just out to have a good time without pretense or douchebaggery. Normal people having fun for the sake of fun. Send us your best moments to thechivesubmit [at] gmail [dot] com. We only have a million readers a day, what’s the worst that can happen? Congrats to Patrick Christie and his anti-douche friends pictured here.

Chive On!
-John n’ Leo

  • billyblaze81

    Has anyone alerted the Department of Child and Family Services?

    • Somebody

      Not from Cali, or the States for that matter. Calgary or Victoria

  • krisb

    I saw a can of Kokanee! Best beer in the world! Go Canada!

  • imo all the time

    I’m usually a hater but these guys seem genuinely fun. they can’t be american

  • Lance

    I think they’re actually from California

  • Forrest

    The Chive: now defining what’s cool in America. amazing

    • Anonymous

      Apparently what is cool in America is Canada.

      • Anonymous

        You do realize that Canaday is apart of America, right? The USA is not the only thing that is America. Anything on the continent of North America is American. I can’t stand people who think that only the US is American. Yes, I wish people that came here from Central Amercan would speak fucking English! But to say that only the states are American is just plain stupid. Then again, most USAins are stupid, so . . .

        • Anonymous

          Dumbest Person Ever. Canada is a country, with borders and different laws (better beer). Stop being stupid. AND….while you were chastising people from Central America on how they speak, you misspelled the word American and wrote AMERCAN. R-TARD.

        • D

          Thanks for trying to be clever, but why don’t you just go fuck youself!

        • One Sick Puppy

          Ahhh ha ha. Epic fail, dumbass!

          And you were trying so hard to look smart…. *shakes head*

          I guess you are one of the “most USAins ” that are stupid (as you put it), right?

        • One Sick Puppy

          BTW….where is Canaday?? Not sure I’ve ever heard of it. lol

        • ANONONONON

          uhhh…everything on the continentS of north and SOUTH america are america. i smell DOUCHE. BAG.

  • Anonymous

    Want to see more of the owner of the ass in #4. The chick in pink.

    ….please God say that’s really a chick!!!

  • boast guster

    Awesome douchebag gallery! What’s that? These AREN’T douches? Oh, my bad. Awesome ass-hat gallery.

  • Vicious Delicious

    commentor above me is a douche

  • Andrew

    boast guster, you might have a point (you don’t) but you’re not funny at all

  • The Animal Dave Batista

    inorite? It’s fun because they jumped! And the ballpoint penis on the leg? Classic! What a bunch of characters!

  • Aaron

    crazy canadians!!! kokanee is delicious.

  • Awful

    Thats about the most boring post I’ve ever seen anywhere

  • dru

    hahahaahaha, unreal. this is me and my buddies, we are from canada, we are from calgary, but this was from a weekend in invermere, bc. yeah, we are a bunch of clowns…

    oh and ps. sorry bud, that ass…..not a chick.

  • Howierd33

    What baby are you talking about? The plastic toy or that black haired toddler jumping in the middle of the first pic with the dark blue shirt and backwards baseball cap? Jesus that kid must be barely ten years old

  • Reggie Mantle

    Hey dude he has a pretty rad shirt on. You Rock You Rule.
    Wow I pity that kid he honestly looks like he is 3

  • LOL

    Last pic…guy in the center…looks a lot like a young Tom Selleck…

    As for the doll creativity…I used to do the same thing with Barbie/Ken. Put them in unusual positions…Ken on Ken…Barbie/Barbie/Ken/Barbie combinations…;) Good for a giggle until I was about 22…;)

    Good times. I don’t remember most of them…but oh well!

  • P-90

    Imagine waking, opening your eyes and through bleary pissed vision seeing a baby hanging from a light, heart attack much?

  • Anonymous

    Looks like an incredible party. Sausage party that is. Where are the ladies my Canadian friends?

  • Jessica

    i can’t tell if you meant that these guys are a bunch of douche bags or anti-douche bags.

    • Jono

      They’re the anti-douches. I see no fake tan, gelled up spikey hair and D&G sunglasses on a face that looks like it’s sucking a dick.

  • josh

    have of these posters are classic d-bags.
    were if they are from Canada who cares we here in CA party about the same if not wilder.
    all i have to say is the only douche bag thing they did, was not cut that baby off sooner.
    he was way to gone… clearly didn’t know what he was doing… tsk tsk tsk.
    come on Canada, in the states we know when a baby has had too much

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