Sexy Santas (22 photos)

a hot santa girls 13 Sexy Santas (22 photos)

  • tommybhoy

    The last photo is mine

  • krisb

    mmmmmm….Lucy Pinder.

  • natekarr

    These are not sexy santas!!!! These are just whores, prostituting their bodies with santas clothes on! So what if i fucking like it!?!?!

    • Shadow Sterks

      Just makes you normal bud. Merry sexy christmas to all and to all a good lay.

    • MissChris

      Hey Nate – I know this is super random, but is your name Nate Karsten??

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  • sticks

    Katy Perry Santa!

  • Anonymous

    lindsay lohan wtf?

  • xzoeyx

    Lucy Pinder…One of the greatest things about the UK

  • Shiki

    Lucy Pinder…friggin SOLD~!

  • La

    Gemma Atkinson, by far the hottest of those here.

  • Krukkie

    Saved the best for last I see.

  • robert

    can i get the” presssss “ent

  • Benjamin

    I cried watching this! SO beatiful!

  • i'de tap that... all of it...

    read my name… enough said….

    P.S: #18 is mine i tell u! MINE!

  • Equalizer

    Pic# 2 – Is my FAV

  • knives

    One of them has stretch marks all over her stomach..

  • Anonymous

    #4’s face looks a bit like Michael Jackson

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