The Human Tree man *Warning Graphic* (13 photos)

Indonesian fisherman, Dede Koswara, has been suffering from a rare skin disease called Human Pappiloma Virus since he cut his leg as a teenager. HIs skin appears to have tree roots growing out if it. He has been dubbed the ‘Tree Man’ and doctors from around the world are working on a cure.

  • george

    damn… i’m pretty sure she was talking to phil. wow… you got served, phil!!!

  • zach

    The diagnosis is completely wrong

  • Solkov01

    Dudes… It’s HPV. Thats all it is. It’s HPV. Evolution has nothing to do with it.

  • Screamer

    Call in Dr.House

  • Save Sindh Movement

    At least we must realize , we are nothing against GOD will.

  • Kristina

    I didn’t know ents could mate with humans. I feel bad for the human involved. Ouch!

  • Guest

    In regards to the jab at Creationists about genetic mutations being "part of the big guy in the sky's plan" – of course they are not. Unfortunately, this just highlights the effects of sin on the human race. God did not create the human body with imperfections. All these diseases are a result of the degradation of mankind that has been occuring since sin entered the world. And they will keep on occuring until we are restored back to what God intended us to be at Christ's second coming.

    • Anonymous

      do you have any imperfections?

  • Anonymous

    It’s an immune deficiency combined with hpv which is incredibly common.

    Dr. Robert Jarvick

    (Inventor of the Jarvick artificial heart)

  • Jay

    to much meth?

  • DJ

    No, he just contracted a disease. It has nothing to do with sinning or whatever

  • Ade Febrian

    hari ini bte amat ya

  • Rolling weed

    Fucked up.

  • Archangel76

    Um…. Rare disease?
    HPV is the common everyday human wart virus.

  • Unknown-i wrote that

    Anyone who cursed that poor man out better not have the same warts

  • Space

    He should be a lumberjack

  • mike

    Wow, I guess he's considered a weeping willow, but for the grace of god!

  • nathan

    That's fucking hilarious

  • Anonymous

    what if it was YOU? Where is your compassion?
    use your right to free speech wisely and not to purposefully inflict pain on another.

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