I would not f@#*k with our airforce (41 photos)

a military action photos 381 I would not f@#*k with our airforce (41 photos)

  • Anonymous

    Russian aircraft were purchased from Germany. After the east, west reunification, the German air force had some Russian planes from when East Germany was still communist controlled. US uses them in real world training for pilots as aggressor aircraft.

  • smill0313

    Most of the pictures posted were of the US Navy, not the airforce. There was ONE pic of a russian aircraft that looked like an SU-37, or Su-47. Very nice planes to look at on paper, but are prone to engine failures.

  • aaron

    Amerrrrrica!!! FUCK YEAH!!

    Most aren’t AF, but still pretty bad ass.

  • Anonymous

    yeah, most are navy with a few russian… but the ac-130 wth the 105mm howitzer is Air Force… i know… i work on talons and shadows in the usaf and btw, the dude saying we are all vaginas is probably mad he couldn’t pass the asvab with a high enough score so he had to go to the army or marines and stare at rocks all day… good job dipshit! i can promise ya that u dont wanna call a guy in afsoc a vagina!

    • Jesse

      yeh you’re retarded. Stare at rocks? Yeah you can tell you have never been anywhere other than where ever you are stationed. And as for the ASVAB..I scored high enough to go where ever i wanted too. So yeah Air Force guys are pussies. AFSOC? Have you ever heard of MARSOC? Kind of like one of you’re training instructors saying Air Force recruits are in better shape than Marine recruits. 1.5 mile run? oh and you’re 10 pull ups to be a WarHawk? yeh try a 3 mile run with 20 pull ups for a perfect score. In case you’re wondering I was in Kadena AFB for about 3 months. I have seen how you guys work and and pt.

      P.S. There’s a reason everybody calls you the “Chair Force”

  • Kirby

    Eurofighter Typhoons??

  • Chinkylee

    anyone know where we can get these pics? espically the fleet pics, cant read the url looked like ellf.au didtn work

  • RiHughes

    Everyone bags on the Air Force until you are all screaming and pissing in your pants for air support. Your push up routine doesn’t really matter much then does it. Its okay. Its what we do.

    • Anonymous

      yeh you’re right..Dumbass..The Air Force is the only branch of service that supplies Air support to ground troops. How about the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps? Apparently MCAS Yuma must have gotten rid of their AV8B Harriers since i was last there. Oh yeah that was 10 minutes ago. Plus Naval aviation was around for about 37 years before the Air Force was even created. But yeh since you’re the expert on Aviation matters in Iraq and Afghanistan the rest of us piss our pants waiting on the Air Force.

  • HellHathNoFury

    I come here after work to get my kind off of nasty bilges, subs, aircraft carriers *especially the Stennis that doesn’t seem to know how to leave PSNS* and The Chive gives me…this?! Is nothing sacred?! Quit stalking me, Stennis!

    • HellHathNoFury

      WTF I meant, ‘mind’, not, ‘kind’. Dur. I’m thankful for our military. I am. I just can’t seem to go outside without seeing a giant grey boat.

  • Anonymous


    • HellHathNoFury

      it’s called, ‘WAR INSURANCE’ aka Balance of Power.

    • Dr-Horrible

      This is what happens when you have to police the entire world because if we dont twats like you will bitch just like you are right now. fuck off you idiot hippie.

  • Anon eymous

    are these those new transformers everyones been talking about?

  • gee gee

    The machinery and technology are awesome! The uses are dubious at best… nothing against the individuals fighting the fight but perhaps the motives of their Chiefs of Staff should be scrutinised closely. A message to those who shout down anybody who happens to not agree with their ideals or beliefs – WANKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Skeeter

    DID YOU ALL MISS THE TITS??????????????????

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  • Madman

    US Navy and the carrier is the John C Stennis homeported out of Bremerton Washington

  • Wills1215

    Pic 11 are Russian Migs.
    The rest are mostly Naval and Marine aricraft. Whomever posted these pics nows nothing about the Military.

  • no body

    id let that chick ride my rocket 😉
    and i love our military, every branch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1b

  • yup

    everyone who posted on this with the exception of me is a tool.

  • Anonymous

    great pics. i love the f-14s even if they were retired awhile ago

  • Anonymous

    fuck the airforce, over half of them are fobbit pussy’s who don’t so shit

  • Anonymous

    That C130 is Australian.

  • DocP

    Shit people!!! The US Air Force trains with these "migs" in country.. we own them!!! Most of them are Navy Planes, and yes the 14 was decomissioned in 06' but we still fly those for training too!! Chill people, it's just pictures of some badass planes!! Enjoy!! Oh, and we could merk anybody we wanted to!! Just saying!!

  • Drew

    Ok coming from some one who was in the US NAVY, Most of these pics are from the US Navy including the god damn SHIPS. WOW you guys Fucked up big time. When is the last time you saw air force on a ship.Yes everyone they are called ships not boats. There was about 5% air force pic, which included the B-2, F-117, F-22, C-130, F-15, F-16. The harrier is marines. I did get a laugh out of the Carrier pic from above since i could see the number 75 and that was my ship, USS Harry S Truman, CVN-75 if you want to look it up go ahead, i know i am right. Ok now to show off a bit the Navy planes that was mostly showed here is the F-18, F-14, S-3, EA-6, E-3, H-53, and the E-2.

  • Nick D

    Paul. thank you for pointing that out. As I do agree with not wanting to f*** with the USAF, a good portion of these pictures are Navy, it even says it on the side of one of the helicopters. Others are flat sitting on the ship…Whoever submitted this, great pictures, terrible title. Maybe something like "I would not F*** with the American Military".

  • Saad

    your forces are as good as your economic system!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    did not realize the airforce had carriers these day

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