I would not f@#*k with our airforce (41 photos)

a military action photos 381 I would not f@#*k with our airforce (41 photos)

  • charlie8701

    uh. airforce jets dont land or take off on carriers. just saying. GO NAVY!

  • Jacob Brown

    i think that if any of the people commenting on this post knew anything about our military then it would have been so much different…yea there are some cool pix here but until you expirience it for yourself, dont diss it cuz you dont know what comes with that pic…to those of you that are or were enlisted, thank you and its an honer to serve through the hell we live in along your side.

  • Wolf

    AirForce? 98% of these pictures were Navy. Give credit where it’s due man lol

  • Poppa Brew

    Badass stuff. And this doesn't even include the stuff the public doesn't know about.

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