Daily Afternoon Randomness (22 Photos)

kid fall funny1 Daily Afternoon Randomness (22 Photos)


    It’s cool…

  • LAME hunter

    that first pic put me on the floor too

  • Jonathan Passow

    That Avatar one RCOKS!

  • Anonymous

    6th picture is the reason why there is a rise in teenage pregnancy.

    • Ken

      Maybe if the kids were naked from the waist down.

  • MigraineBoy

    Photo 4:

    I don’t care where you hide, those fish ain’t going to mask the smell.

  • boneman

    well, before I get a flat track (is that what I’de call it?) I’de like to see the picture they took of their friend. At least before they turn into snow girls and hang around the bust stop with Bart and Milhouse and Nelson and…KENNY!? How’de HE get there? Will he die in the Simpson’s cartoon? Maybe by the robot, Bender?

  • Ken

    Funny, I had the same expression as the Hawk.

    Would you pay to see that choir sing?

  • Steve

    Choir pic – Uncool chive … making fun of the mentally challenged.

  • AtomManhattan

    Avatar: the greatest movie of all-time- if it's the only movie you've ever seen.
    Oddly enough, though it made a bajillion dollars, I know maybe three people who didn't hate it.
    Utter and complete TRASH.

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