• Mr.t

    Very cool

  • backboobs4ever2009

    trust asians to put their mind to something

    like robots

  • jeff

    Notice how the video was sped up – look at the people walking. Fake.

    • One Sick Puppy

      Of course it was sped up, poop stick! Otherwise it would have taken 2 hours to watch the damn video.

      “Fake”. lol you’re a d-bag.

  • top dog

    You gotta admit, that was pretty cool though.

  • Ukenny

    uhm, did you want to watch an hour of this shit? course its speeded up

  • Twentyseven

    Fake? What the hells that supposed to mean? Because they sped up the footage, its faked?
    I suppose I’ll have to manually edit my dictionary to change the word FAKE to mean something else entirely.

  • Frearthandox

    wow that was incredible!

  • Nick4444

    Some of the ugliest cheerleaders i’ve ever seen, but by God, are they good at it.

  • Matt

    lol awesome but old i saw this a long time ago.

  • One Sick Puppy

    Can you imagine how long it took to coordinate something like this!? That’s crazy!

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  • sdc

    Koreans are awesome!

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