The CHIVE’s best posts of 2009: #9 – LOL Jesus (22 Photos)

new jesus The CHIVEs best posts of 2009: #9   LOL Jesus (22 Photos)

  • willy

    i’m a pretty good christian and I thought that was LOL

  • peter dublin

    Boom Headshot!



  • Bud Ugly

    Haha, the Blasphemy-YMCA pic was hilarious… and I almost died from the last pic.

  • Lumberjerk

    classic stuff

    • AvidReader

      This has got to be the stupidest post I have ever seen on this site. Keep up the good work jackasses

  • Pavlov's Dong

    Jeebuz was the last starfighter?

  • dan

    that wasn’t funny at all. don’t care if it was about about jesus it just wasnt funny.

  • B.E.R.

    Great post! I love this stuff.

  • LAME hunter

    haha this is fucking hilarious

  • HellHathNoFury

    if I laugh, am I enternally condemned? Moreso than usual? Damnit.

  • Ash

    Almost none of these were even remotely funny. A few weren’t horrible, but wow.

  • ANDY

    i love how it’s so split between people who love or hate it. I lol’d a lot

  • marcus

    somebody already mentioned but… boom headshot!

  • Ken

    Twisted and funny. Just how I like it.

  • Ace

    Haha. all i can say is… ROFL.

  • Anonymous

    i think im going to hell now. haha

  • Blendercloud

    Hehe, I made the Admiral Ackbar one when I was in college. Good to see it’s still circulating!

  • Katie

    If you knew Jesus you would know how much you've hurt him with this and how much you do not know about the life of Jesus, but he died for sins like this…he will forgive you, I may have a harder time. With all the things that are funny and people you SHOULD be spending your time making fun of…you chose the one that died for you whether you accept it or not, he did.

    • mik

      Katie – for Christ's sake – I seriously think Jesus would have laughed b/c he probably has a sense of humor. maybe u could pray to him to remove the stick from your ass.

  • Just me

    Ship up Kate!! lol

    • Just me

      Shut up is what I meant!

  • Shemp

    They should move JC from the Wing to Goal…
    cuz you know Jesus Saves!

  • not me!


  • Katie

    Well my life's taken a downturn.I'm living on the streets, addicted to crack and I'm prostituting myself.Thanks Jesus!

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