You built THAT for your KID?! (14 Photos)

kid house amazing You built THAT for your KID?! (14 Photos)

These extreme playhouses from Woman’s Day.

  • MissChris

    Those are flippin wicked! I’m 26, and I would spend hours playing in those!

    • billthewelder

      You look like you would and yes that is a compliment.

      • ?

        sry to break it to u bro, but the chive aint the best place to pick up chicks

        • jordan34

          id love to play in those with you

          • One Sick Puppy

            Why is it whenever a girl posts a comment on this site, you always have a dozen or so guys that are making stupid comments and trying to pick her up? God…you would think a bunch of you guys have been locked up in prison and haven’t seen a girl in years. Like a buch of freaking wild animals. It must get really old for the frequent female posters on this site to have to read thru a bunch of BS comments made from horny guys that are probably locked up in thier mom’s basements looking at internet porn all day long. Stop making stupid “i would like to do that with you” comments and leave the poor girls alone. Besides, I think the chance that pretty Miss Chris is actually gonna take you up on your stupid, yet generous offer of playing in the house with you isn’t gonna happen. I may be wrong….it’s just a hunch.

            • One Sick Puppy

              Im gay !!!

            • Matt

              lol its because to many guys that hang around the internet have no social life and thus can’t hit on a girl in real life. since the internet is anonymous they can do/say whatever they like without the fear of real rejection.

            • One Sick Puppy

              No…I’m not gay…far from it. I just happend to be one of the few guys that actually respect women. We are a dying breed.

            • HellHathNoFury

              I so love you, Sicko.

    • HellHathNoFury

      *builds fort with Miss Chris* NO BOYS ALLOWED

      • LOL

        Good freaking gawd…okay…where the hell do I start?

        Chris…I’d love to play in one too and I’m 37…they are made for the young at heart. 😉 Good thing now is I can buy/build it myself, & I have. Of course my playhouse has a little different lay out than these little houses…lol!

        Bill…very nice compliment…she does look young enough to play in one. 😉

        ?…he wasn’t tryin’ to pick her up…he was paying a genuine compliment.

        OSP…if any woman takes anything said on this site seriously, she damn sure needs to have her head examined. It’s just fun goofing off/flirting. If she’s offended by the things said, she doesn’t have to read the comments. 😉 Yes some guys are just horn dogs who lose their inhibitions because of the anonymity of the internet…but everyone knows that. It doesn’t matter what some idiot on the internet calls me, good or bad. I know who I am inside and I’m happy in my own skin. Life’s short. Live, laugh, love & play hard. 😉

        HHNF…boys are fun…y’all might want to let them visit every once in a while…lol! 😉

  • Joey

    All my parents got me was a patch of dirt and a rusty pot, called it a drum they did..

  • bubi

    I remember my neighbors had one from fisherprice and me and my brother will go to her house and play tornado and bash it out.

  • J. Chop

    Stupid fucking kids. I hate kids. They shit themselves, they can’t take care of themselves, and they get cool fucking houses to play in. My house costs way too much money, and if I shit on myself people wouldn’t want to be around me. Lucky little turds.

    • One Sick Puppy

      ehhh….I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t take you shitting on yourself for people to not want to be around you. hehehe hahaha


  • B.E.R.

    These are fucking AWESOME!

  • Nicnac

    I believe the first pic is of a dog house. I saw a special on them once on Animal Planet. They cost upwards of $10,000 to build because they have AC, heating, etc…



  • HellHathNoFury

    Now I feel like the Worst Parent Ever for not building my daughter one.

  • Mike

    Fucking rich people.

  • JimenezCricket

    i would rather my parent have built me something along the lines of a wooden battle armor. with pistons and everything. now THATS something I’d play in for hours.

  • paid for nothin

    Way to go sick pup. I have been chiven since October but never post cause I’m at work but probably seen every post in the six hours a day I do nothing and am always amazed at the stupid stuff some of these idiots post to the girls. It’s either disrespectful or rude. You guys need to get out and get a girlfriend that’s not attached to your wrist. Maybe if you guys actually tried using some social skills that would happen. Believe me having a real friends and girlfriends will make you less angry and disrespectful towards the women who are willing to hang out with you online.

    • HellHathNoFury

      I guess waiting for you to post all that time was worth it!

      • paid for nothin


        I got more to comment on (Being from a ski town I love to hate ‘bags & baguettes) now that my employment probation is over I’m not scared of gettin fired anymore.

  • D E N I.

    Woo, I Want These Little Houses. 😀

  • robin yates

    lucky kids,,,,,,,,I just hope they played in them and not their computer

  • HellHathNoFather

    I shall build one for my son.

    • LOL

      Lame using her first 3 words…just sayin’…get a hobby. 😉

  • Ken

    Those are great! But as a kid, I had a blast making forts with sofa cushions and cardboard boxes too. They are probably more impressive to adults than to kids. Kids have the power of imagination to make a sofa0cushion fort be just as good as those things.

    • HellHathNoFury

      You forgot a bunk bed covered with blankets and a refrigerator box. *pew pew pew*

  • guadua

    I should also build one for my kids

  • Muebles

    Oh Gosh I want to live in one of those house!!!

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