The biggest winner, a Miss ‘Fat and Beautiful’ Pageant (14 Photos)

beauty contest lead The biggest winner, a Miss Fat and Beautiful Pageant  (14 Photos)

Every year in Israel, 40 of the country’s most beautiful women migrate to Beersheba for a chance to become the beautiful fat person in all the land. The minimum weight requirement is 176 lbs. Yes, you must weigh in to compete.
Photo credits: Reuters

Photos from izismile [dot] com. original photo credit is Reuters (i think)

  • mook

    Mook notices of the 13 images, 6 has things in or going towards her mouth.

    Maybe if she stopped eating her hands, lipstick, motorcycles, belts, and necklaces she would have a nice body to match her ugly face.

    All fat people should fall down stairs and die.

    • GFYS

      I guess you're dead now…smh…you rude motherfucker

  • marcus

    wow, i’m torn. is this a good thing? I’m not gonna celebrate somebody for being fat but on the other hand, i’m a chubby chaser

    • can't do it

      Big boned, thick……..whatever you want to call it. fat is still fat.

    • C

      then you’re a retarded hypocrite.

  • percy

    Those glamor shots are so funny

    • paid for nothin

      Yeah those glamor shots gotta go. They’re too close. We can’t even relish in ALL of her beauty.

      • God

        That is not possible.

  • somethings

    This is ridiculous. Let’s celebrate people who love deep-fried twinkies and McDonalds, and whom are allergic to treadmills and staircases. I understand many pageants feature women that need a sandwich, but when you have a “minimum” amount of fatness to enter, shit’s become outrageous.

    • God

      AH! The only thing better than people who don’t understand “your” and “you’re” is people who don’t understand “who” and “whom”.
      At least the “your” people aren’t trying too hard to sound smart.

      • somethings

        Correcting me on my grammar use and correcting others on their sentence structure. Right. And I AM the one trying too hard to sound intelligent! Just to piss you off, since it clearly does, I think “YOUR” just mad because people are making fun of a fatty you probably lust after.

  • P-90

    I’m not fat I’m horizontally blessed.

    • The Fan

      Maybe you should look into P90X

  • Anonymous

    (HHNF with normal camera vantage point)….Congrats girl! You’re getting so famous, just like you wanted! Keep up the good work!!!

    • paid for nothin

      Pretty chicken shit to vent your anger about being turned down by every woman you ever met onto HHNF under an anonymous name. I like the chive, if you want to talk shit about other visitors go to they love to insult each other.

      Please Keep The Chive Cool.

    • HellHathNoFury

      Nope, she’s prettier. I’ve got what’s called a ‘Severe Case of MySpace Face’. Keep the face looking good for pics, and let the rest get all jiggly like a ribbed condom full of cottage cheese.

      • The Fan

        Or like you got hit in the back of the legs with a bag of nickels

        • God

          Who hits someone with a bag of nickels?

          • HellHathNoFury

            Only God knows. So why ask?

            • billthewelder

              I’ve heard random reports of nickle bag attacks up east by someone calling himself a fan or something or other so at least one douche is doing it.

            • The Fan

              Hey dumbasses, dont take literally… fuckin retards on here

  • natekarr

    hahaha i knew she would be featured in this thread… lookin good hun.

  • dd

    I love a woman with curves… but that’s a little (a lot) too much.

  • Alan

    I’d fuck her

  • StudleyPendejos

    How can you not give the prize to the girl on the right in the second pic…. Ohh that’s right she’s not fat and actually looks pretty damn good. Irnoy at it’s best.

  • rso


    • The Fan

      ^^^ Anyone know what that means?


      • HellHathNoFury


        • God

          I hear it “zoftig” more often than not.

  • Anonymous

    Sharpie eyebrows are definitely out. Although, they were never in.

  • dre

    i love a woman with curves but these chicks are leaning more towards disgusting

    • Jaime

      They seem a bit over 176 lbs. Then again 176 looks a lot different on someone who’s 5’1″ to someone who’s 5’11”

  • boneman

    the smooth of her seems to convey exercise

  • jiji

    The winner should be the make-up girl

  • kp

    HHNF….I did NOT need that visual!!! LOL……

    • HellHathNoFury

      Keeps aggressive male-types away, almost as good as a pointed stick.

      • mook

        Shut up fatty

        • HellHathNoFury

          I can almost feel your lonliness through my monitor.

  • Heywould

    HellHathNoFury that is at least the 2nd time u have used that condom joke! u could use “looks like someone stepped on her legs with golf cleats”

    • God


  • French Fries

    she reminded me fat Robin Scherbtsky in How I Met Your Mother =p

  • mook

    Cosmetics covers blemishes, not 300lbs of fat.

  • Anonymous

    a pageant for being unhealthy?

  • Mahony

    i dont whether to laugh or vomit… seriously.

    • God

      You accidentally the verb.

      • HellHathNoFury

        Accidentally what? *hehe*

  • fern

    pssh, ive dated prettier fatter chicks.

  • robin yates

    good luck to anyone who enters any sort of competition, but extra large ladies are not for me thanks

  • Joey

    Bet not a one of you geeks could pick up the lady in the pics, or even know what to do with her if you did. Once you’ve gone fat you never go back. Like sticking your face into a bowl of steaming buttery mashed potatoes. Or any other greasy unhealthy food analogy you’d care to make.

    And let me be the 5th to say lay off HHNF. She’s a babe in my book, and it’s enough of a sausage fest here anyways. Maybe wait a few minutes to post right after you jerked yourself off to her avatar, you know you get grumpy.

    • HellHathNoFury

      That last part. I’m off to get the brillo pad and some brainbleach.

    • billthewelder

      Ok seriously Joey I’ve done the fat thing and wont go back, there’s nothing special there about being with an over weight woman. The sex is no better neither is the cooking or anything else for that matter but for those who love the chubbies I have respect for you all and wish you the best of luck when your laying on your back and the diggity is about to land on your face.

      And yes HHNF is cool and cooler than most guys, she’s got bigger proverbial brass ones than any of the guys on here because she’s put herself out there with her own pics and she takes the comments of little boys and hands them back with some pretty slick sarcasm if you ask me.

      • Joey

        Thanks for the well-wishes, it can be dangerous. Agreed on all other points, especially that you can’t generalize anything (good or bad) onto any group of people for their appearance, which is not always chosen. I can gather, though, that these large ladies have some brass ones as well, she seems to take good care of her appearance and makes the most of what she’s got, and seeing the cruelty of some of the comments (which says a lot about the posters), still gets out there. Thanks Chive, keep bringing us the babes, big & small, short & tall, black & white, they’re all beautiful to someone! (Which is why we come here, if all we wanted to see was tall thin blondes with huge fake boobs, there’s Playboy for that).

  • Matt

    thats just nasty. sorry i dont think women who can’t get enough of burger king good looking the least bit.

    • God

      Sense is not your sentence making.

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