The biggest winner, a Miss ‘Fat and Beautiful’ Pageant (14 Photos)

beauty contest lead The biggest winner, a Miss Fat and Beautiful Pageant  (14 Photos)

Every year in Israel, 40 of the country’s most beautiful women migrate to Beersheba for a chance to become the beautiful fat person in all the land. The minimum weight requirement is 176 lbs. Yes, you must weigh in to compete.
Photo credits: Reuters

Photos from izismile [dot] com. original photo credit is Reuters (i think)

  • marsha marsha marsha

    It is not hittable

  • pwnage

    Few things in life turn me on like a 176 lbs on a woman

  • snarkotron

    does anyone else notice that honeybaby looks like a swollen Megan Fox?

  • vitorla

    kind of sad, because that girl could be really hot if she wasn’t morbidly obese.

  • Megarath

    Huh. Where are all the pics of the other contestants?

    • bigdaddydrew

      She ate the camera before they could post them

  • Ja Proof

    Now it make sense why Palestinians want Israel so badly – they’re a bunch of chubby chasers! Nothing like a woman with the right curves to get a suicide bomber to blow his load.

  • jesus

    is that red tie from the guy she just ate?

  • Ron Burgundy

    fat is not hot …

  • Rob

    This girl is absolutely stunning. Its so great to see big women looking so amazing and getting out there into the media. Thanks so much for putting these pics up here!

  • asad ali

    i like fat woman for love an other workink in dubai plz contect me only fat woman 055-5761321

  • Olie

    She looks like the Toddlers and Tiaras kids.

  • @slipstream341

    gross.. this is like a prison rodeo.. no winners

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