Girl demonstrates the nuclear power of makeup (18 Photos)

makeup lead photo Girl demonstrates the nuclear power of makeup (18 Photos)

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  • stafferty

    Further reason why you never know what you are going to wake up next to in the morning. I thought my alcoholism was my only issue for waking up next to ugly women but now i have to worry about fucking estee lauder manipulation too! FUCK!!!

    • God

      I don’t find it that hard to spot the chicks who load on the makeup. It’s got a pretty distinct smell, too. Doesn’t matter. If you have a good time, who the fuck cares (or has to know) who you banged?

      • Dave

        Sure YOU can say that, you’re God.

    • Kaylene

      I know what you mean. It's like genetics don't matter anymore. The uggos can walk amongst us. All they have to do is buy the right stuff.

  • sds

    Who cares, dump a load inside, maybe she has a deliciouly tight peach that needs to be poked, you know?

    • Canaduck

      Sweet Jesus, what is wrong with you?

      • nick


    • Anonymous

      haha, agreed

    • kater

      well put sir. and to all you righteous fucks who come here to stare at boobs, asses etc – stop being so saint 😉

  • Polynwa

    umm… whoa

  • jozef

    its all about the smile

    • Anonymous

      and the hair, the pose, and the lighting…..

      • Anon

        Indeed. The first picture is not only extremely close up, but her hair is ratty, she has a dull look on her face, and the lighting if poor.

        The expression, lighting, hair, and overall confidence in the pose are what change this drastically.

  • luca

    the smile you say ? buhahaha

  • Dreamy

    I can’t deny the power of make-up but her poofy cheeks still remind me of a hamster.

  • Anonymous


  • sticks

    The smile and hairdo helped her a lot in my eyes. She’s not hot but not ugly neither.

  • Bumblebee

    Autobots, roll out!

    • HellHathNoFury

      Haha!! Transformers, ugly chicks in disguise!
      Not gonna lie, though. I have never out on more than one layer of makeup not even on my entire face. She put on like 7. Just the few dabs of concealer and a bit of mascara turns me from ‘wtf that chick looks like a scarred-up meth addict’ to ‘decent-looking female’ in less than five minutes. She looked just fine in pic 5.

      • jeff in Australia

        A good and quick brain is so much more attractive than a painted face.
        If wearing makeup made you more attractive then the guys featured in She chive would wear it… oh wait…..

        • HellHathNoFury

          hehe, they so do! Gross, mang!

  • mikey

    holy SHIT, son

  • jtlangel

    Clothes and accessories are another way to change your appearance. A lot of it depend on the hair as well.

    For example some Asian artists look crappy with a certain hairstyle but once they change it they become SUPER HOT.

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  • Matt

    lol thankfully its not just the makeup that changes her so dramatically.

  • Kat

    Those eyebrows still need some work

  • Jack

    Other than the correction of her complexion, and the eye-makeup, and the hair, there isn’t really that big a difference to me. She needs to trim her eyebrow. I think the biggest difference is her complexion and especially her hair. A person’s hairstyle makes a really big differences.

    They’ve probably amplified the difference by the shots in the pictures to illustrate the point.

  • Casey

    At the top, she looked tired and the camera was too close to her face, while at the bottom she smiled a little. I think the hair does a lot for her too.
    But she should seriously consider doing something to her eyebrows.

  • Henry

    Jesus! Asians are all so fugly.
    The average looking ones appear to be so because they use makeup.

    • Ueichen

      racism much?
      there are a LOT of hot asian girls

    • racism is stupidity

      WOW seriously?! Asians account for 60% of the WORLD’s population, and you’re telling me you don’t think not ONE of them are goodlooking?!

      where the hell do you think yellow fever comes from?!

    • Lynn

      Are you kidding me? I have seen some truly beautiful asian girls. No plastic surgery,no makeup. Not me,Im average,but just go to asian countries. look not at the aunties,but at the 18,19 year olds.

  • padme

    Well what do men think make-up is for? It’s not just for fun. The point is to make yourself more attractive.

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  • Orange

    That’s a girl who knows how to apply makeup…
    The bottom picture still looks natural, as opposed to some girls that I see who do not know how to do it right and look like space aliens or clowns.
    …and hey, who cares if she looks fugly the next day? You both got what you wanted… (hopefully) and you probably don’t look much better, especially after drinking.
    (…I also do don’t really think her eyebrows need much work, some people overdo it and they look like they aren’t real… not very attractive really…)

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  • Jun

    This is amusing.

    There are so many more examples if you google for “Celebrities without makeup”.

  • WC

    She did an awesome job with that, even with the camera tricks that were played. She definitely looks to be a very plain (not ugly) girl at the start, and is definitely someone that will turn heads at the end.

  • Pietro

    I think she looks fine in picture III. The white stripes add interest to the bland cheeks.

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