Girl demonstrates the nuclear power of makeup (18 Photos)

makeup lead photo Girl demonstrates the nuclear power of makeup (18 Photos)

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  • Raisa Toth

    OK, so the article established that there’s stuff a woman can put on her face to make her pretty. Big deal. But the comments established it’s damn shame there’s nothing like that to put on jock brains to make them smart. Not all guys are worthless pigs; just these guys.

    But of course, the only reason anybody would ever say that is ’cause they’re ugly, right guys? Well, the only reason a guy would say THAT is ’cause they’re stupid. *grin*

    • Interesting

      I like that you actually kind of avoided insulting all men there, and instead only insult what you see. Usually I see people just insulting an entire gender or race without noticing they are being idiots.

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  • m

    I don’t think I saw anyone say this, but the reason her eyes look so different is because she used eyelid tape to change her eyes from monolid to a regular creased eyelid. You can see the difference between photos 12 and 13.

    • mizle

      no it was the eyeliner

  • .

    brave girl. 🙂

  • ATo


  • Casey

    m: no, she definitely have not used any eye lid tape, only eyeliner.

  • J

    1. Eyebrows
    2. Chubby cheeks
    3. Hair
    4. Skin
    Those can be easily fixed and she’d be naturally pretty. Pluck the eyebrows, lose weight [?], fix the hair, and get an acne treatment.

    To the person who said Asians are ugly: Wow you are just an idiot. There’s tons of non-Asians who are even uglier without makeup. For example, not meaning to bash anyone but have you seen some American celebs/models without makeup? They are many times worse-looking than her.

  • timber

    Still can’t make her not Chinese.

    • J

      Timber, she’s not trying to look “not Chinese” dumb ass. I don’t get where you got that silly idea from.

      • Timber

        J, all the swamp rats are trying to look white. That’s why the fashionable gooks walk around with parasols so they don’t get a tan.

        • racism is stupidity

          swamp rats? really? I’m asian american and both my parents have phd’s that would put your racist ass to shame.

          as for us female “gooks” that hail from the US of A, i love my naturally bronze skin and almond eyes. doesn’t seem to deter guys much. you, on the other hand, must not be getting much if you’re talking like some racist hick with a PARASOL up your ass and a potty mouth to match. must’ve been blown off by an asian chick.

        • K

          Timber, lots of people want what they don’t have. Just look at all those people who get fake tans.

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  • tr

    it is obvious that in the first picture she ahs tried to look as ugly as she can, angle, light, hair, reversely combed eyebrows, she is like a castaway.

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    • Robin!!!

      ja idd met alleen make up en een knappe kop kun je het niet redden

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  • Hicks

    If you were to be famous what would you like to be known for?

  • Anderson

    Are you still friends with anyone from that time in your life?

  • Decarlo

    What did you think your life would be like when you were older?

  • Rogers

    Were you in the military?

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  • Miguel

    she is actually a he..

  • nick

    80 percent of porn stars without makeup look like shit. Now I know how the asian ones look so good and same for all different ethnicities.

  • panda dick clicked

    lol google lady gaga with makeup looks like a ugly load of ancient shit

  • funkyblackmellingcun

    white power! power supremacy!

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