The CHIVE’s best posts of 2009: ‘Your kid is fat, stop feeding it garbage’

fat garbage kid The CHIVEs best posts of 2009: Your kid is fat, stop feeding it garbage

The following was one of our most popular posts of the year. On a personal note, parents, when you’re constantly shoveling piles of french fries and ice cream into your overweight little butterball, it’s child abuse, plain and simple.

crazy fat kid The CHIVEs best posts of 2009: Your kid is fat, stop feeding it garbage

  • moredown

    i see these moms at the grocery story just letting their kids load up on candy. it hurts to watch

  • Ken

    In the seventies, the same junk food was out there. The difference now is that kids just don’t move. They’re not allowed to leave the house or school without supervision, there are 150 channels of television, internet and videogames. They just don’t move.

    • paid for nothin

      You hit the nail on the head Ken.

    • tom

      things are not the same as we had in the 70’s – food quality is different – yeast was the first genetically modified food stuff – GMO Wheat – Corn sweetener as to sugar – abundant chemicals everywhere – especially in plastic food storage containers – I would be interested if our government was more concerned with quality of life studies – not to mention what a family must go thru these days to survive – why do we as a society , when things get tough financially – will eat a lesser quality without thinking there will be serious concerns not too far down the road –
      my nephew wont eat unless it tastes sweet- I feel for his mum and dad all this pasta and sugar /breads – how long before his pancreas craps out and he has all sorts of cancers invading like the flu

      I see it is always easier to criticize , this is a very complex issue . Nothing should be overlooked- Wi Fi microwave transmissions – all the pills people take and pee out that goes into the municipal water supply now that many drink reclaimed filtered waste water – all of the chemicals we use to clean house and make smell nice – Honey Bees are dying and Bats on the east coast are decimated from white nose syndrome – modern life and all its conveniences – the question as I see it – how much are we prepared to do about it ?

  • luca

    the parents should be fucking shot.

  • Anonymous

    six year olds should not have tits



    • boneman

      well, yeah. We do have a lot of it here, but, not all those pix were taken in America.

  • McBeastie

    I bet the phrase “I can haz a cheezburger?” has actually come out of that first kid’s mouth.

  • David

    At the very minimum, at -least- the kid on the scooter is out doing something.

    When I was young (5-6) and found out I had a severe bee/wasp allergy [insert Nicholas Cage Wicker Man clip here], I limited myself to staying inside.

    I was always active before that, so it wasn’t fun, but when you have to be rushed to the hospital because of a hornet attack and your BP is 180 over 0 and you die on the table 2 times, it tends to convince you that life inside is better than none at all.

    I think quite a few of these kids probably look like their parents; without proper education from their central role models, it is going to be hard for them to grow up with healthy perspectives on caloric intake and its relationship to physical activity.

  • Octagon

    Man that is sad.

  • Jeremiah

    fwiw, I think that’s a shovel, not a popsicle.

  • boneman

    I tend to not think of it so much as not going outside as just plain not doing ANYTHING.
    I spent a lot of time “inside” during some health problems, but I was usually so active my parents were screaming at me to calm the heck down.
    Now-a-days, they just give them a pill, a tv, and maybe a video game or two.

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  • jesus take the wheel

    Oh God this really make me rage , that “little” girl has cellulite CELLULITE!

  • HellHathNoFury

    I would never, ever think of ruining my daughter’s life that way. When they are older I’m sure they will resent their parents. The parents of the children are all fat as well. they would rather put food in their child and have them equate that attention with happiness and love, than get off theri butts and do something productive with their own child that would take some effort, like hiking, going to the park, anything. Using your child as a crutch and excuse to be lazy is abhorrable and sick.
    But on the other hand, why would they stop, when they can be rewarded with contests like ‘Biggest Loser’, disability checks for nothing, and ‘Fat and Beautiful’ pageants? How could you hurt your child’s body, mind, attitude and emotions that way?

    • P-90

      The parents won’t stop, if they stop they won’t get on ‘Maury Povich’ or some other dumbass freakshow. Like a steering wheel on my zipper it drives me fucking nuts.

      • HellHathNoFury

        i don’t know if I should cry for the kids or for that joke. Awesome, bro

  • Anonymous

    This is really fu.cked up. Sure, the parents are definitely in the wrong and should be looking after their children’s eating habits. But showing photos of young children so you can think, “Oh how gross”. Is exploitative and really insensitive. It is not their fault their parents are dumbasses. And this is such a nasty and mean thing to do at their expense.

    • brimstone

      The only person that makes sense!

  • John

    This is truly tragic that someone would post these children’s distress this way. I have noticed that many such photo spreads in the major magazines are backed by major insurance companies.

    Also, check out a can of green beans from your shelf. How much sugar does it have? Why does it have sugar? The same goes for any canned vegetable. Look at those awful spaghetti O’s and similar products. Many candies have less sugar or sugar substitutes than this horrible junk. McDonald’s and bad parenting are not the only ones responsible for this epidemic. . Manufacturer’s have a huge debt to pay off in this fattening of America.

    • Ken

      Gawd, I loved on Spaghetti-Os as a kid. One of my earliest memories was as a three year old getting a can opener and a pan and making some for myself! And was always a skinny, skinny child. So, it ain’t the spaghetti-Os. I tried ’em as an adult and couldn’t believe how nasty they were!

      And my parents didn’t always take me hiking or to parks either. I let myself out the dad-gum door and was outside playing all day in the good weather. As a kid I could disappear for nearly an entire day and my parents wouldn’t think anything of it. Now they would go amber alert and send the helicopters up.

      Kids are simply not allowed to go out and do their own thing now days. EVERYTHING is supervised. Children only naturally have more energy than adults and it is not realistic to expect their parents to be able to meet their kids’ energy needs. All these supervised activities for an hour or two a day is not the same thing is playing for a long summer afternoon out in the woods or neighborhood.

      If I were a kid today I think I would go insane. Seriously. My best memories of childhood were exploring the woods and playing with friends AWAY from adults. No wonder kids today a addicted to video screens and have eating disorders. I’d go whacky too!

      I don’t want any kids because I’d shoot myself before I am forced tor raise them all cooped up like so many chickens.

  • kp

    The PARENTS are the ones who should be on this post!!!

  • Matt

    kids that are fat just make me sick. Its all the parents fault. soooooo nasty

  • JimenezCricket

    a tapeworm would clear that right out.

  • uber guy

    @ Jimenez


  • Pavlov's Dong

    It’s the skipper from Gilligan’s island as a kid! Maybe it’s glandular.

  • MeatheadTheDude

    Hey at least when these children have a heart attack when they are in their twenties the parents can feel good that they never denied them anything.

  • DutchieLover

    Growing up my siblings and I would complain to my mom about the lack of tasty snacks in the house cuz all we had was carrots and celery. I never knew what she was doing for me. Thanks mom!

    By the way fatties. You can still eat burgers and steaks and fries. Exercise, eat fruits and vegetables, drink water, find a hobby, buy a cookbook, and learn to cook yourself and don’t be a lazy fuck. Do this and I promise donuts and ice cream and ring dings and McDonalds won’t seem as appealing.

  • brimstone

    Do People forget that these are children. Its a shame that they are overweight, but some of you people are cruel. Lets hope someone posts a pic of you, so chivers can tear you apart for your imperfections as well.

  • brimstone

    Don't forget these are children people, its a shame they are overweight, but some of you are just being cruel. If someone said such mean things to your child weather it be calling them fat, or ugly, or geeky, you would throw a fit. have a little heart.

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