Lambo Concept Car (21 photos)

a lambo concept future 19 Lambo Concept Car (21 photos)

  • El Supimpa

    Lambo concept of awesome!

  • jozef

    yeah, whatever

  • Shadow Sterks

    Let’s put some camo on those babies.

  • Ken

    Do you need a screwdriver to get the door open?

    • Anonymous

      No probably just a button. And camo’s for combat vehicles Shadow Sterks. You Fag..

  • vitorla

    Throw some D’s on that Bitch.

    • boneman

      well, if you’re gonna throw some D’s on it, might as well throw some D’ohs on it, too.

  • Rockstar

    very aerodynamic but it looks like a bicycle would hold up more than this one in a collision.and that car would also have a hell to control.driving this in reverse would be next to james bond handling

  • robin yates

    looks like they are using cameras for reversing, same as the new generation of superbikes

  • Guest

    I think it looks kinda bad :/
    I really hope Lamborghinis don’t start to lose their look.

  • Greg

    Not bad. If they ease up on some of the really futuristic stuff, it would actually look really good. Some of the angles look really amazing, and others……..not so much.

  • tyler

    thats not a real lambo concept. student designed. pininfarina would never do anything like this

  • Equalizer

    I want one for Christmas!

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