The infamous snow bear (20 photos)

a snow bear 17 The infamous snow bear (20 photos)

My dad, brother John, and I (..and an assortment of cousins) built a massive snow bear about 15 years ago when we were kids. It ruled. Schools used to come to our house on field trips to get pictures in front of the snow bear. This year, my dad surprised us when we visited “home” for Christmas and he single-handedly built the same snow bear -and documented it. Not too shabby for an old fart. Thanks dad!
Merry Christmas!

  • Laura

    Thats AWESOME!

  • pink

    gotta weigh a frakkin ton

  • HellHathNoFury

    How rad for him to do all that work for our homecoming! Merry Christmas to your awesome parents, they made awesome kids.

  • HellHathNoFury

    Holy craps, *your*, not *our*, wtf

  • sticks

    You’ve got a fucking awesome dad guys!

  • billthewelder

    Some times dads can be totally cool.

  • Liquid E

    Hell Yeah!! That was sweet

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  • DebBeeM

    Way to go Pops!

  • Me

    Wait, do you guys know what “infamous” means?

  • ladyguitarstar

    Very cute,

  • Colin

    is that pedobear

  • 5eagles

    I should try this in a few months…

    Random Chiving!!! 😀


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